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Optimizely introduces Content Graph

Optimizely, a digital experience platform (DXP) provider, introduced Content Graph: a service that developers can use to search and deliver content anywhere. This update to Optimizely’s Content Management System (CMS), makes it possible to repurpose content, provide customized search experiences, and create content blocks, enabling more dynamic content experiences.

Content Graph uses GraphQL, a query language for APIs known for its powerful yet simple form of data fetching. It serves as an on-demand content library that provides a streamlined way to access content, enabling the delivery of content across multiple platforms, channels, and devices. Content Graph extends GraphQL to offer search and full text indexing, speeds served from CDNs, and a universal API that will layer into all Optimizely products beyond just the CMS.

A traditional CMS offers an intuitive interface, ensuring ease of use for marketers; however, it may pose challenges when it comes to repurposing content across channels. On the other hand, a headless CMS addresses this issue but lacks a marketer-friendly interface, which means that it can create dependencies on developers. Optimizely customers no longer have to choose – they can use the CMS in a headless or traditional fashion, or a combination of the two.

Bloomreach enhances customer experience with Gorgias integration

Bloomreach announced businesses using Bloomreach Engagement can now integrate their services with Gorgias , a helpdesk platform designed to streamline customer support operations. As an integral part of the Shopify ecosystem, Gorgias provides essential data about the customer experience and gives Engagement users a more in-depth understanding of the customer journey. Gorgias can help to improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction, ensuring a positive journey from beginning to end. Its integration with Bloomreach Engagement will offer businesses a more in-depth understanding of the customer, ensuring every communication a customer receives is based on a complete understanding of their journey.

It’s essential to have helpdesk data readily available within a marketing platform to consistently offer relevant information and context. By integrating Bloomreach Engagement with Gorgias, marketers using Engagement gain comprehensive insights into all aspects of a purchase. Gorgias assists in refining a marketing team’s personalization efforts and enables the creation of more tailored campaigns.

Gorgias fits into any personalization-driven marketing strategy or campaign. Through this integration, marketers can identify dissatisfied customers, adjust their communications accordingly, enhance personalized experiences for loyal customers, or win back those with bad experiences in the past. Gorgias provides an additional level of insight for Engagement users.

Optimizely expands partnership with Contentsquare

Optimizely, a digital experience platform (DXP) provider, announced it has expanded its partnership with digital experience analytics platform Contentsquare to enhance its experimentation capabilities with comprehensive journey analytics. Zone-Based Heatmaps from Contentsquare is a part of a two-way integration that provides Optimizely Web Experimentation users with insights on customers’ in-page behavior, a deeper understanding of the reasons behind experiments’ performance, and a pathway toward optimized digital experiences.

Available as a Chrome Extension, Zone-Based Heatmaps allows marketing teams to access a holistic view of customer behavior needed to establish always-on optimization that fuels personalization. Zone-Based Heatmaps enables marketing teams to glean and quickly act on unique engagement, conversion, and revenue data for each of its website page elements. Paired with Optimizely, marketers can perform deeper evaluations of ongoing and completed experiments and uncover new, revenue-driving experiments to run.

In addition to Optimizely and Contentsquare customers, this news could help users of Google Optimize who will need an experimentation offering when the platform sunsets on September 30, 2023.

Acquia updates Acquia DAM

Digital experience company Acquia announced enhancements to its digital asset management platform, Acquia DAM (Widen), including an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot to assist in creative workflows. The capability enhances creative collaboration across content and creative teams with an always-ready sounding board and idea generator.

AI Assistant is integrated into the comments functionality of the Acquia DAM review and proofing tool, Workflow. Using it, anyone reviewing a content proof can ask the AI assistant a question in a conversational way and get a response in seconds to help spur creativity. Examples include getting copy suggestions to improve the written aspect of a project, requesting design suggestions, getting suggestions for visuals such as images or videos, receiving suggestions based on audience segmentation such as interests or behavior, or analyzing competitors’ content to help ensure differentiation.

Acquia also released new integrations for Acquia DAM to streamline collaboration across content and marketing teams and extend the value of their content across their martech stacks. These include: Canva, Jira, Dropbox, Marq, and Salesforce.

TransPerfect launches GlobalLink Connect app for Contentstack’s DXP

TransPerfect, a provider of language and technology solutions for global business, announced that its new GlobalLink Connect app is now available on the Contentstack Marketplace, part of Contentstack’s Composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Contentstack Marketplace’s apps allow users to extend the capability of Contentstack’s content management solution and customize its functionalities by easily integrating third-party platforms. The GlobalLink Connect for Contentstack app enables customers to:

  1. Select single or multiple entries for translation using the Translation Wizard dashboard
  2. Track the status of any project in real time with the new entry sidebar widget
  3. Manage and control content translation projects with the new configuration screen
  4. Configure translation for any content type using the new field configuration widget

GlobalLink is TransPerfect’s modular suite of tools specifically designed to manage the complex demands of creating, deploying, and maintaining multilingual content, drastically reducing the time and effort required throughout the localization process.

Bloomreach integrates ChatGPT with CMS

Bloomreach announced an integration of OpenAI with Bloomreach Content, the company’s headless content management solution (CMS). Through the Bloomreach Content marketplace, businesses can now easily install OpenAI’s ChatGPT Text Generator, a writing assistant designed to support the creation and integration of text into e-commerce web pages.

With ChatGPT, Bloomreach Content users can recognize time savings and increased efficiency in their content creation. It can generate ideas, write articles, and even proofread content, helping users feel confident that content published on the CMS is high quality and free of errors. It can also further personalization efforts, enhancing the customer experience by using data from the CMS to tailor content for individual users. In addition, utilizing ChatGPT within Bloomreach Content enables business users to more easily scale their content efforts across the site, reducing user workloads while maintaining the voice of the brand throughout content. The ChatGPT Text Generator is available for installation through the Bloomreach Content marketplace.

Bloomreach unveils SMS marketing updates

Bloomreach announced expansive updates to its Bloomreach Engagement SMS marketing capabilities. Through its ten new features, Bloomreach Engagement is making it easier for marketers to integrate this channel into their omnichannel strategies. From AI content generation to optimal send time prediction, marketers will have access to tools to reach engaged subscribers with personalized SMS campaigns. Features:

  • AI-powered optimal send time: determine the best time to send SMS campaigns for every customer.
  • AI content generator: generate SMS content ideas or fine tune messaging.
  • TCPA List Validation: automatically removes reassigned or deactivated numbers and national Do Not Call registries.
  • SMS Campaign visual builder: create, test, preview SMS messages.
  • Sign-up units: grow SMS lists with sign-up units that include TCPA consent language.
  • Text-to-join keywords: grow subscribers with “text to join” keywords that can be shared across marketing channels.
  • Campaign evaluation dashboard: monitor campaign performance and make real-time adjustments.
  • Pre-built templates: for converting SMS campaigns.
  • Scenario node and visual builder: switch between SMS and MMS message in scenarios.
  • Contact card creator: make every message recognizable by ensuring SMS messages appear from a set contact name.

Adobe announces multiple product updates

At Adobe Summit Adobe unveiled a wide range of product updates across Adobe Experience Cloud, a customer experience management solution, and Adobe Creative Cloud a platform for creating compelling content, to help brands drive experience-led growth.

Adobe debuted new Adobe Sensei GenAI services, including Adobe Firefly – a new family of creative generative AI models, as well as new generative AI innovations across Adobe Experience Cloud to power marketing workflows. The company also announced new Adobe Product Analytics and a reimagined content management solution enabling marketers to self-serve website and mobile app edits.

Adobe unveiled Adobe Express for Enterprise, allowing anyone within an organization to rapidly create and iterate content, regardless of their creative skill level. Adobe also announced a Content Supply Chain solution, made possible through Creative Cloud and Experience Cloud that connect popular tools for planning, creating, reviewing and distributing creative collateral so teams can collaborate more efficiently.

AI and generative AI services will be integrated natively in Adobe Experience Cloud as a co-pilot for marketers, improving productivity and efficiency while providing full creative control and trusted governance capabilities. Sensei GenAI will leverage multiple large language models (LLMs) including Microsoft Azure OpenAI and FLAN-T5 within Adobe Experience Platform, depending on business needs.

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