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Primer launches Primer Engines

Primer, a natural language processing (NLP) company, announced the launch of Primer Engines, an integrated suite of industrial-grade NLP models that bring machine learning (ML) to mission-critical operations at any organization. Primer Engines unlock advanced capabilities for commercial organizations to use in almost any text-related business application. Primer Engines make it possible for anyone responsible for data analysis, intelligence, or operations to fully access, explore, and take advantage of the firehose of text-based data coming their way. With Primer Engines, there’s no need to mobilize a team of machine learning experts to build an NLP solution from scratch. Primer’s team of ML engineers is continuously pushing the realm of what’s possible with NLP, building new domain and data-specific engines.

Organizations can pick and choose from over two dozen pre-trained Engines for the task they need, including Primer’s Named Entity Recognition (NER) model. Each engine comes with a plug-and-play API that enables integration into existing applications, tools, or systems, both in the cloud and on premises. Organizations can connect multiple Primer Engines together and build their own NLP-powered data processing pipelines that match their unique workflows. Engines can be retrained in Primer Automate, the company’s recently released no-code platform, to build and deploy custom deep learning models.

Acquia announces updates to digital experience platform

Acquia announced updates to the Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP). The integrated Acquia platform enables marketers, developers and IT operators to assemble and deploy digital experiences across the customer journey. The update includes support for the employee experience, a new China hosting service and a newly integrated user interface for Marketing Cloud. Drupal Cloud updates:

  • Employee Experience Solution: integrates HR applications with dynamic site-building and hosting capabilities for benefits and payroll, information access, discovery, cross-team collaboration.
  • Acquia Cloud Next: Improved performance, increased storage, enhanced security and resiliency.
  • China Managed Services: Deliver web experiences to China audiences through a managed Drupal service operated from within the country.
  • Fully Managed Search: Solr 7 search capabilities integrated into the Acquia Cloud Platform.
  • Acquia Cloud IDE: A new, cloud-based workflow for development, staging and production environments.
  • Developer Support: A new Lando plugin, support for PHP 8 and the latest version of Drupal.

Updates to Marketing Cloud:

  • Unified UI and Updated Look and Feel: Using multiple Marketing Cloud products, toggle between CDP, Personalization, Campaign Studio, and Acquia Campaign Factory.
  • Golden Template in Campaign Factory: Streamline campaign publishing with a golden template that can change all downstream child instances.
  • Machine Learning Center (“ML Center”): ML Center gives marketers and business a dashboard that unifies all machine learning-driven intelligence.

Lighthouse to acquire H5

Lighthouse, a provider of technology-enabled ediscovery, compliance and information governance services, announced it will acquire H5, a provider of sensitive data classification, analytics and ediscovery solutions for complex litigation and regulatory compliance challenges. 

This transaction marks Lighthouse’s first entry into the document review space with the addition of advanced search and analytics technology, and experts focused on helping clients find and classify sensitive data and automate key review workflows with unparalleled speed and accuracy. With H5, Lighthouse is acquiring review efficiency technology that enables its consultants to accurately and efficiently perform key document identification and responsiveness review faster than manual review teams. This solution is currently being used by many of the world’s leading corporations and law firms and applies broadly to all document review. Lighthouse will now offer a comprehensive set of consulting, review, ediscovery and information governance technologies and services that spans the entire client data lifecycle and fully embraces the rapid shifts to cloud and hybrid environments. ▪︎

Monotype announces iType 6.0

Monotype announced the launch of iType 6.0, a new version of its product for embedded solutions. Monotype’s iType font engine is a scalable font rendering subsystem based on industry standard TrueType and OpenType font standards. Designed to work in resource-constrained embedded environments, the iType font engine brings the benefits of scalable type and high-quality multilingual font display to Automotive and other consumer electronics manufacturers worldwide.

Version 6.0 of the iType font engine is designed to add support for OpenType Font Variations, commonly known as variable fonts. OpenType Font Variations allow a font designer to incorporate multiple typefaces within a font family into a single font resource. This reduces the code size and memory requirement which is of utmost importance in embedded environments. iType 6.0 supports both mandatory tables (fvar and gvar) along with other optional tables such as avar, cvar, hvar, and mvar. Other new features include:

  • Windows 64 bit build support
  • Min/Max PPEM support in Font Linker tool
  • Code Improvement and other bug fixes

Zoom releases edge speech recognition by Sensory

Sensory Inc. announced the integration of its TrulyNatural embedded speech recognition software within the latest public beta release of Zoom Rooms for Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows. Powered by Sensory, voice commands are now supported on all Zoom Rooms platforms. With this update, Zoom-native voice commands support expanded functionality, with all voice commands being processed locally, never in the cloud. Zoom Rooms participants can now use their voice to ‘wake’ the room system by saying ‘Hello Zoom’, as well as use commands such as ‘start meeting’, ‘leave meeting’, ‘check in’ and more, allowing organizations to create safe, private, and effective hands-free meetings.

TrulyNatural is Sensory’s deep neural network-based, embedded speech recognition platform with natural language understanding. Zoom and Sensory have worked together to leverage the capabilities of TrulyNatural to create domain-specific recognizers designed to handle common voice requests for controlling meetings. They have also developed more complex voice tasks like alphanumeric recognition for using voice to enter meeting IDs and passcodes.

Gilbane Advisor 7-7-21 — cloud vs edge, data science to knowledge science

This week we have articles by Sachin Gupta, Panos Moutafis, Matthew J. Schneider, and Dan McCreary, and news from Bloomreach, SparkCognition, Neeva, MerlinOne, and

Opinion / Analysis

To protect consumer data, don’t do everything on the cloud

Sachin Gupta, Panos Moutafis, and Matthew J. Schneider team-up to describe a high-level approach to employing edge computing to reduce risk and dependence on consumer data use. A good read for senior management teams.

Edge computing, in which data is processed locally on hardware instead of on the cloud, can help them do just that by implementing three critical design choices. The design choices begin with how to think about data collection and extend to the actual data processing. They are: 1) sufficiency, or a focus on only must-have data; 2) aggregation, or lumping data together to produce group insights; and 3) alteration, or making minor changes to the data to hide an individual’s identity while minimally impacting the accuracy of insights. 

… But how does this tech actually work, and how can companies who don’t have Apple-sized resources deploy it?

From data science to knowledge science

Dan McCreary predicts the arrival of a new discipline based on the availability of data stores of enterprise knowledge graphs to increase data analysis productivity. To get there, he argues we need to go beyond current approaches of data warehouses and feature stores to building…

…a set of tools for analysts to connect directly to a well-formed enterprise-scale knowledge graph to get a subset of data and transform it quickly to structures that are immediately useful for analysis. The results of this analysis can then be used to immediately enrich a knowledge graph. These pure Machine Learning approaches can complement the rich library of turn-key graph algorithms that are accessible to developers.

More reading…

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Content technology news

Bloomreach launches new content module

Headless content module is built for commerce, enabling marketers and merchandisers to work as one to build e-commerce experiences.

SparkCognition acquires industrial knowledge management company Maana

SparkCognition gets Maana’s computational knowledge graph technology, its industrial expertise, and customers like, Shell, Aramco, and Airbus.

Neeva announces availability of its ads free, private search engine

Flipping the business model from ads-based to a subscription-based service 100 percent focused on the best search experience for consumers.

MerlinOne introduces visual search for DAM

Using a combination of deep learning technology to search the visual content of objects without any dependence on textual metadata. releases Gloo Edge 1.8 and Gloo Portal 1.0

To transform to a cloud-native application architecture by connecting application services, service meshes, clusters, and clouds.

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BigCommerce expands into the Netherlands, France and Italy

BigCommerce announced it has extended its European presence from the U.K., into the Netherlands, France and Italy. With BigCommerce, merchants will have access to an enterprise-grade ecommerce platform built to sell on a local and global scale. BigCommerce’s expansion will create new roles in France, Italy and the Netherlands to work directly with merchants in the region. As part of this fully localised experience, merchants will be able to use the BigCommerce platform to manage their store in their local language, as well as create a fully localized website experience for their shoppers, with their local payment methods and currencies. BigCommerce has already built an established customer base in each region. Prospective employees interested in local opportunities should visit the career section of the site at.

SparkCognition acquires industrial knowledge management company Maana

SparkCognition, an infrastructure-focused artificial intelligence (AI) company announced it has acquired Maana, a digital knowledge platform company. Through this acquisition, SparkCognition gains Maana’s computational knowledge graph technology, its industrial expertise and customers such as Chevron, Shell, Aramco, and Airbus, expanding its Fortune Global 100 footprint with multi-year software agreements. SparkCognition’s AI platform combined with Maana’s digital knowledge management technology will accelerate customers’ time to value in adopting AI-driven decision making across the enterprise. Maana’s software enables subject matter experts to develop AI-driven, business critical solutions. Subject matter experts use Maana’s no-code/low-code tools to encode domain knowledge, decision processes, and critical reasoning, then collaborate with data scientists and developers to build applications that optimize business operations. ▪︎

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