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Day: November 9, 2022

Neo4j releases Neoj4 5 graph database

Neo4j announced the Neoj4 version 5 graph database is now available. with greater performance, scale, and ability to run Neo4j databases anywhere you want. Neo4j 5 includes updates to:

Query performance. Runtime optimizations by Neo4j engineers have made K-Hop queries faster. The Cypher clauses CONTAINS and ENDS WITH are widely used for filtering results by text properties. The new TEXT indexes implementation in Neo4j 5, based on trigrams, makes them much faster.

Sharding and Fabric. Since version 4, Neo4j has made it possible to read from your database shards as if they were a single graph, using Fabric. In Neo4j 5, you can instantaneously create a Fabric database using Cypher’s Composite database command. Fabric also comes in handy when you want to create queries that span across multiple databases to bust the silos that hide insights and hinder collaboration.

Autonomous Clustering in Neo4j 5 shifts the administrative burden from the operator to the software. All you have to do is declare how many primary or secondary copies you need and how you want those copies managed in the cluster, and your wish is Neo4j’s Cypher command. enhances hybrid AI platform updated its natural language (NL) platform. Combining machine learning (ML) and symbolic knowledge representation (Hybrid AI), the updated platform facilitates the design, development and deployment of language models, and accelerates production of enterprise applications, through accurate language understanding. Upgrades include:

  • Knowledge models fortified: Built in pre-trained rules-based models contain expanded industry, role and use-case concepts, and relationships to improve the accuracy of natural language (NL) projects. Other model enhancements include updated environmental, social, governance (ESG) classification and sentiment, and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) extraction.
  • New solutions for pharma & life science: Additional knowledge models support solutions for drug discovery, clinical trial insights, opinion leader identification, and scientific publication insight analysis. A new preclinical report analysis solution speeds up the quality control check process of reports prior to their submission to regulatory bodies.
  • AI-driven Robotic Process Automation (RPA): The NL, hybrid platform integrates with UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere, supercharges bots with NL capabilities by merging different AI techniques. This expands the scope of intelligent process automation across tasks.
  • Expanded deployment options: The Platform now supports on-premise deployments of NL workflows for.
  • New operational monitoring dashboard: Delivers improved visibility to operational metrics associated with language operations (LangOps).

Gilbane Advisor 11-9-22 — Leaving the cloud, what metaverse?

This week we feature articles by David Heinemeier Hansson, and Benedict Evans.

Additional reading from Karl Bode, Tushar Mehta, Patrick McFadin, and Gibbs Cullen.

News comes from Pinecone, Smartling, Access Innovations & Aptara, and Sonic Foundry.

If you’ve missed any of the past 63 issues you can see them here; those, as well as all earlier issues can be found here.

Opinion / Analysis

Why we’re leaving the cloud

The cloud has never been the solution for everyone, but after years of marketing by cloud platforms, VCs, analysts, and the media, that may come as a surprise to some. We have covered some of the cost and control challenges before (hereherehere, and here). David Heinemeier Hansson explains why the cloud is not the right fit for his company and other “medium-sized” organizations. (4 min).

Ways to think about a metaverse

I hesitate to include anything about “metaverse” these days as there is little to recommend besides thisthis, and this post where Benedict Evans provides his useful elevated analysis. (10 min).

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Content technology news

Pinecone launches hybrid search functionality

Keyword-aware semantic search solution enables advanced combination of semantic and keyword search results to businesses of all sizes.

Access Innovations and Aptara partner to provide digital publishing solutions

Both Aptara and Access Innovations have extensive content experience, from structuring to conversion and metadata enrichment.

Contentful announces new capabilities to content platform

Includes their vision and the new Contentful Studio product, platform orchestration capabilities, and App Framework.

Smartling expands Neural Machine Translation Hub

The NMT Hub is built to solve language translation issues difficult for single-engine approaches, to help web developers and content managers.

Sonic Foundry launches Video Solutions

Incorporates many services offered under Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite Events brand with a variety of additional enterprise-facing services.

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