Contentful, a composable content platform, unveiled its vision for composable content and the new Contentful Studio product, platform orchestration capabilities, and App Framework features:

  • Connect content experiences with Contentful orchestration. A new set of orchestration capabilities native to the platform enables companies to orchestrate content experiences across teams, regions, and brands without the need to piece together content from different data sources.
  • Create streamlined content with Contentful Studio. Contentful Studio empowers customers to streamline content workflows, development, and publication in one central location. With easy access to all the tools content creators need to produce high-quality content, Studio allows teams to remove reliance on developers by placing the power directly in the hands of content creators. Access rights are centrally managed with governance features.
  • Extend with Contentful App Framework and Ecosystem. The App Framework makes it easier for businesses to adapt the platform to the preferences and routines of their digital teams – from business-specific UIs to integrating personalization or translation tools of choice. Contentful shipped a new version of the open-source design system, Forma 36, to enhance the platform with visually appealing and accessible features. App actions make the content lifecycle more efficient to build and link individual apps together.