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Opinion / Analysis

AI scientists are studying the “emergent” abilities of large language models

I was fascinated with emergent properties in grad school, and argued for their relevance and value when “big data” became a thing. It’s good to see a disciplined look at emergence in large language models. Ben Dickson’s useful summary of a new study includes helpful background links. (6 min).

Imaging the web with Scalable Vector Graphics

Being a good data visualization artist does not necessarily require strong artistic skills, but it does depend upon understanding the tools and technologies that are out there. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is becoming an essential technology in the data space, useful for building maps and charts that can work well on the web, creating detailed diagrams with rich metadata, and even laying the foundation for effective data presentations to clients or customers. SVG really is the foundation for intelligent graphics.

SVG has been around for a long time, but as Kurt Cagle points out in this excellent piece, it is still unknown to many and under-utilized. (11 min).

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Content technology news

Adobe to acquire Figma

Figma’s web-based, multi-player capabilities to accelerate the delivery and collaboration of Adobe’s Creative Cloud technologies on the web.

LinkrUI adds DAM syncing for Microsoft Office

LinkrUI for synchronizing digital assets stored in a DAM system now compatible for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Excel.

Acquia adds new Channel Portals capabilities to Acquia DAM

Channel Portals allow businesses to create and share branded, secure, and up-to-date digital product catalogs with individual partners.

Progress updates developer tools

The new release of UI developer tools includes new components and enhancements for Blazor, .NET MAUI, Angular, React.

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