This week we feature articles from Benn Stancil and Renee Shah.

Additional reading comes Mike Loukides, Eric Benjamin Seufert, Jakob Nielsen, and Cobus Greyling.

News comes from Netlify, Databricks, Element, and Akamai.

Opinion / Analysis

Has SQL gone too far?

Like many of you, who have been focused largely on unstructured data management, I never expected SQL to remain so relevant for so long. Benn Stancil, who “has worked almost exclusively in SQL for” much of his career, has a thoughtful piece (8 min) explaining why he now thinks…

Just as SQL can, but shouldn’t, be used to define complex statistical analysis, perhaps SQL can, but probably shouldn’t, be used to model the complex operations of a business.

How WebAssembly gets used: 18 startups building with Wasm

WebAssembly (Wasm) has been around for a few years, is maturing, and is something that software developers, and not just web developers, should have on their radar. Wasm is already being used or supported by Cloudflare, Adobe, Google, Amazon Prime, Lyft, Disney+, the BBC, and others; The W3C has just published working drafts for WebAssembly 2.0; And startups and investors see opportunity. In this post investor Renee Shah reports on how and why startups are using Wasm, and includes a link to an excellent primer for those of you unfamiliar with it. (14 min)

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Content technology news

Netlify Edge Functions accelerate web development at the edge

Netlify Edge Functions is built on Deno, an open source, standards-based runtime that enables instant compatibility with popular web frameworks.

Databricks announces lakehouse offering for media and entertainment

The lakehouse enables media organizations to deliver data and AI outcomes with a single, collaborative platform for data, analytics, and AI.

Akamai launches Linode managed database

The managed database service powered by Linode has support for MySQL now, with PostgreSQL, Redis, and MongoDB coming in June.

Element announces Connector Portal, Unify Graph, and Advanced Joins

To increase flexibility and speed up model development for organizations seeking to deploy digital twins or pursue industrial transformation.

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