announced the new release of its platform combining symbolic, human-like comprehension and machine learning to turn language into data, analyze and understand complex documents, accelerate intelligent process automation and improve decision making. By extending core features and adding unique capabilities, such as out of the box knowledge models and connectors, the new release increases flexibility, simplifies integration and optimizes data pipelines to augment efficiency across every process that involves natural language (NL).

Specifically designed for natural language AI, the platform leverages the combination of different AI techniques (machine learning and rule-based symbolic comprehension) with a simple and powerful authoring environment to support the full natural language processing workflow. It is based on the principle that no single natural language AI technique is a fit for every project. The new release includes:

  • ‘Smarter from the start’ knowledge models deliver NL applications to production faster with higher levels of business accuracy
  • Simplified deployment processes across multiple environments, including Azure
  • Easier integration, out of the box connectors
  • Enhanced natural language operations: provides the ability to include custom Python and Java scripts or third-party services for pre- or post-processing activities in NL workflow orchestrations.