Element, a software provider in IT/OT data management for industrial companies, announced new functionality for simplified connections, knowledge graph-based modeling, and advanced joins. Together they increase flexibility and speed up model development for organizations seeking to deploy digital twins or pursue industrial transformation.

The Connector Portal provides access to pre-built connectors for a range of commonly-used data sources and consuming targets, speeding analytics projects by reducing manually establishing connections. The portal also provides a connector framework that developers can use to build their own custom connectors.

Unify Graph brings a knowledge graph approach to bear for mapping the complex data environments typical at most enterprises that data teams must operate across. It allows flexible data modeling spanning arbitrary dimensions such as processes, assets, organizations necessary for building effective digital twins. The graphs can be queried and explored within Unify or exported for consumption by graph database products such as AWS Neptune or Neo4j.

The Advanced Joins functionality enables users to combine data from various sources based on matching multiple relevant data fields and using matching approaches. The fuzzy matching approach is configurable and allows the user to specify a similarity threshold for deciding matches.