Analytics engineering tool supplier dbt Labs announced the availability of dbt Cloud on Databricks Partner Connect. Databricks customers now have a fast and frictionless way to experience the benefits of dbt Cloud on the lakehouse. dbt has become popular for data transformation with demand largely driven by the industry-wide shift to cloud-based data platforms like Databricks. It enables data teams to transform data in-warehouse, and deploy analytics code following software engineering best practices.

Through Databricks Partner Connect, all Databricks users will now have the ability to quickly provision a new dbt Cloud trial that is pre-connected to their Databricks account. In just a few clicks, users will be set up with a dbt Cloud account – ideal for those looking to quickly get a feel for what the two can achieve together through a streamlined, pre-configured workflow. Also:

  • Databricks has developed a new, dedicated dbt-Databricks adapter, bringing an easier installation process and a more optimized performance.
  • Databricks Ventures participated as a strategic investor in dbt Labs’ Series D funding round in February 2022.
  • There are more than 1,000 members of the Databricks and Spark channel within the dbt Community Slack