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Day: March 16, 2022

Stepes launches continuous terminology management solution

Stepes, a global provider of professional translation services on the cloud, announced the official launch of its AI-powered terminology solution for automated glossary creation and continuous multilingual terminology management. Companies understand the importance of terminology management in ensuring enterprise translation accuracy and linguistic consistency across the global content supply chain. However, conventional terminology management best practices are overly complex, involving too many manual processes that can be difficult to implement and costly to maintain.

Stepes automates terminology extraction, term translation, and glossary creation seamlessly into our professional online translation workflow. This fully automated, transparent terminology management process allows our clients to achieve the better translation performance without getting bogged down with time-consuming terminology tasks, while systematically growing enterprise multilingual termbases. By integrating the end-to-end terminology management process into our professional translation workflows on the cloud, Stepes raises multilingual enterprise localization performance to a higher level of globalization ROI.

Gilbane Advisor 3-16-22 — Words matter, hydrating tweets

This week we feature an article from Emily Tucker.

Additional reading is from Aruna Pisharody, David Rodenas, Cobus Greyling, and Hecate He.

News comes from Adobe, Wrike, Interprefy & Microsoft, and Syncro Soft.

Opinion / Analysis

Artifice and intelligence

The Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law’s Emily Tucker explains why they will stop using the terms “artificial intelligence”, “AI”, and “machine learning” in their work. She is certainly correct that words matter, and that the widespread lack of understanding and misuse of the terms is problematic. At the same time, not all institutional misuse is top-down and intentionally driven by greed and control – language laziness is pervasive and a bigger problem. Tucker’s proposed guidelines for replacement language are reasonable, though I don’t think “machine training” helps as replacement for “machine learning”.¹-f00da128d3cd

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Content technology news

Adobe unveils new capabilities for personalizing experiences

Including product recommendations, live search results, cross-channel budget forecasting and optimization, and content creation and delivery.

Wrike announces Cloud Content Connector for DAM

When the Wrike cloud connector is connected a two-way sync is enabled so teams can work in their DAM solution and Wrike simultaneously.

Interprefy integrates platform with Microsoft Teams

Meeting organisers can add a language selector to Teams meetings, allowing participants to speak, listen and engage in their own language.

Syncro Soft releases Oxygen XML suite 24.1

Products updated: Oxygen XML Editor, Author, Developer, Web Author, Publishing Engine, WebHelp, PDF Chemistry, and Oxygen XML Scripting.

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