This week we feature articles from JPMorgan’s Anu Jain, Graham Person, Paul Conroy, with Nivas Shankar from AWS, and from IBM’s Rolly John.

Additional reading is from the Google AI Blog, ZDNet, Wired, and The Next Platform.

News comes from Acquia, Elastic, Piano & SocialFlow, and Oro.

Opinion / Analysis

How JPMorgan Chase built a data mesh architecture to drive significant value to enhance their enterprise data platform

A short high-level description of a data mesh implementation that does a good job explaining the what, and the value; suitable for senior management and non-technical colleagues. Excellent illustrations.

How Topic Modelling can help companies to mine customer reviews

Rolly John has a more technical how-to piece based on a project she is working on. She includes details with links to analysis and code on her GitHub, and plans to provide updates on enhancements as she progresses.

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Content technology news

Acquia launches UK hosting solution

London data center allows Drupal Cloud in-country hosting for organizations impacted by Brexit to support customer data localization.

Elastic 8.0 Elastic search, vector search, natural language processing

Enterprise Search updates include native vector search, support for modern natural language processing (NLP) models, and data onboarding.

Piano acquires SocialFlow

Will help organizations manage organic posting across platforms, manage paid social media campaigns, and collect data on user clicks.

Oro unveils OroCommerce 5.0

Open-source eCommerce platform for B2B adds features to boost productivity, improve site performance, and optimize customer experiences.

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