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Day: September 1, 2021

Crownpeak and Webscale partner

Crownpeak, a digital experience platform, announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Webscale, a cloud platform for modern commerce. The partnership will see Webscale become the preferred cloud delivery engine for Crownpeak’s roster of global brands. Joint Crownpeak and Webscale customers will benefit from a managed cloud delivery platform, offering predictive auto-scaling and disaster recovery for highly available infrastructure, flexible cloud deployment options in any public cloud provider around the globe, and comprehensive 360-degree security for protection against the latest cyber threats. In addition, all customers will have access to Webscale’s 24×7 team of DevSecOps cloud-certified experts, as well as the Webscale Customer Portal, which offers visibility and insight into traffic, events, security policies, user experience and more. ▪︎

Gilbane Advisor 9-1-21 — Privacy-what to do? ML explained

This week we have articles from Benedict Evans and an educational video starring Hillary Mason. News comes from Apache, Bridgeline, Qumu, Apple, Wondershare, Otter ai, and TransPerfect + Webcertain.

We’ll be on vacation next week so our next issue will be September 15th. We were kidding last week when we said we would probably be back :).

Opinion / Analysis

Privacy, ads, and confusion

Privacy is coming to the internet and cookies are going away. This is long overdue – but we don’t know what happens next, we don’t have much consensus on what online privacy actually means, and most of what’s on the table conflicts fundamentally with competition.

Benedict Evans’ description of where we are and what we don’t know is on target, and is a rewarding read for those who know they don’t know, as well as those that think they do know – perhaps a colleague.

Watch a computer scientist explain machine learning in 5 levels of difficulty

Hillary Mason does a delightful job of explaining machine learning to, in order, an 8 year old, a 9th grader, a college student, and a grad student, and then discussing the current state of ML with a fellow computer scientist. This 26 minute video (with transcript) is a valuable learning tool for anyone not versed in computer science. It is just as valuable to those who are proficient in ML but looking for short helpful ways to explain it to a child, parent, spouse, boss, whoever. Plus, it is fun to watch.

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Content technology news

The Apache Drill Project releases Apache Drill v1.19

Open Source, enterprise, schema-free Big Data SQL query engine designed for rapidly evolving data on modern Big Data applications.

Bridgeline expands investment in BigCommerce partnership

Hawksearch is an AI-powered search, personalization, and recommendations app that optimizes the online buying experience for B2C & B2C.

Wondershare releases EdrawMind Version 9.0

The multifunctional collaborative mind mapping and brainstorming tool brings a new UI, and advanced features.

Qumu adds on-demand transcriptions and AI-powered captions

Asynchronous video transcriptions make it easier to review video content and aid in regulatory compliance for meeting transcript requirements.

Apple introduces the News Partner Program

Designed for subscription news publishers that provide their content to Apple News in Apple News Format.

TransPerfect acquires Webcertain

Webcertain will complement TransPerfect’s TPT Digital division which shares a common focus on targeted campaigns beyond language translation. launches Otter Assistant for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex

Users can access all of their notes, regardless of video conferencing platform, through’s web app or mobile apps on iOS and Android.

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