Kitewheel announced the integration of a new business intelligence (BI) platform to enhance its data and analytics visualization capabilities. This addition to Kitewheel’s suite of customer journey solutions will provide richer experiences for analytics teams by allowing users to view all their data in one place and enable more efficient journey orchestration. This integration will provide faster time to insights and speed up the journey orchestration timeline. The platform generates user-friendly, comprehensive reports leveraging data from Kitewheel’s Journey Discovery Analytics and Kitewheel Data Model solutions. This self-service model also allows Kitewheel clients to customize data visualizations and report types depending on the insights and level of detail needed. Users will be able to interact with and explore their data, drilling down to extract unique, data-rich findings as well as export and share reports more easily. With multiple dashboards per project and threshold alerts, this new capability offers additional possibilities for enhancing customer journey initiatives.