Apollo GraphQL announced the general availability of Development Graphs – a free cloud offering that allows developers around the world to access Apollo’s Studio tools, such as Apollo Explorer, with any server. Development Graphs accelerate the benefits of GraphQL by giving developers access to Apollo Studio’s Explorer and Schema tools, without requiring any additional setup in code. These tools provide several benefits to GraphQL developers. They increase developer productivity by providing powerful tools for query writing. They increase the discoverability of what’s in the data graph by providing advanced ways to browse and search GraphQL schema. They increase the general accessibility of the graph to your organization, by making data queryable even to team members who are not developers.

Development Graphs are a convenient tool for connecting local servers or any development environment to Apollo Studio by updating a user’s schema in real-time and providing a private sandbox. The developer tools that comprise Apollo Studio, especially Explorer, a full query writing IDE, simplify the process of building and executing queries against running servers, including a point-and-click interface for exploring schemas and tools that ease and accelerate the process of authoring and running live queries.