SearchBlox introduced SearchAI SmartSuggest, SearchAI Answers, and SearchAI Personalization. Because it doesn’t rely on historical search logs, SearchAI SmartSuggest provides more relevant search suggestions from day one. SearchAI SmartSuggest outperforms matches based on typeahead technology or regular expressions:

  • Provides a better user experience with misspelling tolerance and higher search relevance.
  • Makes it easier for users to find what they need by suggesting search terms associated with the keywords they’re using.
  • Reaches your target market with niche results based on your content, not search logs.

SearchBlox’s second new product, SearchAI Answers, uses natural language processing to provide a more intuitive search experience similar to Google’s Featured Snippets. SearchAI Answers provides the answer as a featured snippet, a chatbot response or via voice assistant. Businesses can:

  • Reduce service costs and increase first contact resolution.
  • Improve the user experience with artificial intelligence that responds to a natural language question with a natural language answer.
  • SearchAI Answers doesn’t require manual tagging, specific domain taxonomy, or knowledge graph.

SearchAI Personalization predicts personas for search users enabling them to reach the information or product they are looking for faster. SearchAI Personalization understands your customer intent with a few search queries and personalizes the user’s search journey leading to a better customer experience.