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Day: October 13, 2020

Bridgeline announces release of Celebros Studio 9.0

Bridgeline Digital, Inc., a provider of cloud-based digital experience software, announced the release of Celebros Studio 9.0. The upgrade includes a newly designed Studio, and new features to drive increased revenue for eCommerce websites. The improved look-and-feel makes managing eCommerce website search and merchandising more efficiently. In addition, there are new features such as the ability to filter and export lists from Campaigns, Queries, and Merchandising in addition to enhancements to the Instant Search and Auto Complete capabilities. Improvements to the Celebros Instant Search feature improves the customer experience by automatically updating search results as a customer types their query – allowing them to narrow their selection and find products of interest quicker. New updates to the Auto Complete make it more dynamic – visually suggesting up to nine related product thumbnails which automatically update as users hovers over top queries. The new Celebros Studio 9.0 upgrade includes:

  • User experience overhaul
  • New list views with slide-out detail panels
  • Merchandising list vs. thumbnail view
  • Updated pop-up modals with user-friendly validation
  • Ability to filter campaign lists, query lists, and merchandising lists
  • Ability to export campaign lists, query lists, and merchandising lists
  • Catalog user interface redesign

Elastic partners with VetsinTech

Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch and the Elastic Stack, announced it has partnered with VetsinTech to enable veterans to accelerate their careers in tech. Elastic will join the VetsinTech employer coalition, where they will offer free training, mentorship, and professional development opportunities to veterans and active duty military transitioning from military to civilian life. VetsinTech is a national non-profit dedicated to supporting veterans through tech-based education, employment, and entrepreneurship programs. The organization connects global technology companies with its more than 30,000 members through training and career development programs. The partnership with VetsinTech supports the organizations’ shared objective to support current and returning veterans who want to apply their exceptional training, skills, and experience to a new career in technology. Elastic has a large community of users across industries that use Elastic solutions to achieve their essential missions, including active duty military and veterans.,

Tisane Labs adds Wikidata extraction feature on Microsoft Azure

Tisane Labs, a supplier of text analytics AI solutions, announced a new feature in Tisane API, already available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace and AppSource. With the new feature, Tisane API now allows tagging and extraction of Wikidata entities, complementing the capabilities provided by Azure Cognitive Services and supporting nearly 30 languages. Users can easily obtain Wikidata IDs from Tisane’s JSON response providing the ability to annotate text with images, GPS coordinates, important dates, 3rd party references, and whatever the ever-growing and open Wikidata database contains. Tisane API runs in the cloud utilizing Azure API Management, with a simple REST interface that can be linked from any popular programming platform today. Tisane Labs provides a range of tailored plans for its clients with the option of a custom installation on-premises and a free plan.

BMC acquires ComAround

BMC announced the acquisition of ComAround, a global software company that helps transform the customer experience with, self-service, and AI and NLP-based advanced knowledge management technology. Together, BMC and ComAround will build on their respective self-service, ITSM, and AI market expertise to provide NLP-based full-context-search knowledge management capabilities. Financial terms of the transaction are not disclosed.

ComAround Knowledge is cloud-based AI knowledge management software specifically designed to optimize self service and support flows, and create excellent agent and customer experiences through a variety of channels. Delivering the right information at the right time, the ComAround Knowledge solution feeds chatbots and virtual support assistants and organizes enterprise knowledge into a reliable resource for customers, employees, and support agents. Combined with the BMC Helix Chatbot and BMC Helix ITSM solutions, BMC can increase service desk efficiencies and transform the human experience, providing companies with the agility, customer-centricity, and actionable-insights necessary to become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise.

With real-time translation, ComAround Knowledge features full-text search, which interprets a user’s input and language analyzers to capture full context, delivering personalized results. Verified on Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) v6, a standard for knowledge management methodology, the ComAround Knowledge solution supports translation of more than 100 languages and is currently used by hundreds of organizations worldwide.

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