Elastic announced new enhancements in the 7.9 release of Elastic Enterprise Search make it easier to offer modern search experiences for app users, workplace teammates, and website visitors. Elastic Workplace Search features added to the free distribution tier provide a starting point for providing teams with relevant information. The addition of Workplace Search features to our free distribution tier means that you can download and use the entire Elastic Enterprise Search solution to easily get started and boost productivity with modern search experiences. Whether it’s App Search for your apps and websites or Workplace Search for your internal teams, with the features included in the free distribution tier you can download and evaluate the full product suite. Workplace Search includes connectors to collaboration, storage, and productivity tools, along with access to the Custom Source API for creating your own connectors. You also get group and user management tools and easily tunable content source prioritization by team. Additional customization, integrations, granular access control, and single-sign-on (SSO) support are available with the Platinum subscription.

In 7.9, Kibana becomes the window into Elastic Enterprise Search, offering navigation for search deployments alongside other analysis and visualization tools. Kibana allows users to do everything from rich data visualization using Elasticsearch indices to administering and managing the whole of the Elastic Stack. Kibana admins can customize spaces to show or hide Enterprise Search in the main navigation menu, and give users the capability to quickly access deployments and in-app dashboards. Gmail joins Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Confluence, and a number of other prebuilt content source integrations for Workplace Search. Workplace Search offers a single search bar for not just the G Suite, but across a slew of sources, regardless of the origin, manufacturer, or ecosystem. Users can conduct search without needing to remember where that data lives, and they’ll see their own private Gmail content right alongside all those other sources, with pre-tuned search relevance baked right in.