Elastic announced new capabilities and updates across its Elastic Enterprise Search, Observability, and Security solutions that deliver new features to reduce storage costs, proactively monitor and manage digital web experiences, and easily visualize data.

With the beta launch of searchable snapshots, a new capability that provides a tiered approach to searching across data that is saved in different classes of storage, Elastic customers get a simple, integrated approach to managing data storage tiers. Customers can store and search more data and reduce costs with low-cost object stores such as Amazon S3, Azure Storage, and Google Cloud Storage.

New expanded Elastic Observability features, including user experience monitoring and synthetics, give developers new tools to test, measure, and optimize end-user website experiences. The launch of a new dedicated User Experience app in Kibana provides Elastic customers with an enhanced view and understanding of how end users experience their websites.

In addition, Elastic customers can use the new user experience monitoring feature to review Core Web Vitals, helping website developers interpret digital experience signals. Elastic users can also leverage a dev preview release of synthetic monitoring in Elastic Uptime to simulate complex user flows, measure performance, and optimize new interaction paths without impact to a website’s end users.