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Perfect Sense announces rebrand as Brightspot

Perfect Sense announced it will rebrand the company as Brightspot, the name of its flagship Content Business Platform product. Brightspot’s Content Business Platform helps customers transform their content businesses and make an impact with their customers, partners and stakeholders. The Brightspot Content Business Platform was designed to replace traditional content management systems (CMS) to fully enable the digital transformation needs of the modern enterprise, and was designed by publishers and developers with an extensible architecture and the ability to be integration ready to solve unique business priorities no matter their business logic, workflows or content types.

Elastic announces Elastic Enterprise Search 7.9

Elastic announced new enhancements in the 7.9 release of Elastic Enterprise Search make it easier to offer modern search experiences for app users, workplace teammates, and website visitors. Elastic Workplace Search features added to the free distribution tier provide a starting point for providing teams with relevant information. The addition of Workplace Search features to our free distribution tier means that you can download and use the entire Elastic Enterprise Search solution to easily get started and boost productivity with modern search experiences. Whether it’s App Search for your apps and websites or Workplace Search for your internal teams, with the features included in the free distribution tier you can download and evaluate the full product suite. Workplace Search includes connectors to collaboration, storage, and productivity tools, along with access to the Custom Source API for creating your own connectors. You also get group and user management tools and easily tunable content source prioritization by team. Additional customization, integrations, granular access control, and single-sign-on (SSO) support are available with the Platinum subscription.

In 7.9, Kibana becomes the window into Elastic Enterprise Search, offering navigation for search deployments alongside other analysis and visualization tools. Kibana allows users to do everything from rich data visualization using Elasticsearch indices to administering and managing the whole of the Elastic Stack. Kibana admins can customize spaces to show or hide Enterprise Search in the main navigation menu, and give users the capability to quickly access deployments and in-app dashboards. Gmail joins Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Confluence, and a number of other prebuilt content source integrations for Workplace Search. Workplace Search offers a single search bar for not just the G Suite, but across a slew of sources, regardless of the origin, manufacturer, or ecosystem. Users can conduct search without needing to remember where that data lives, and they’ll see their own private Gmail content right alongside all those other sources, with pre-tuned search relevance baked right in.

Bounteous announces Bounteous Connector for Magento Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager

Bounteous announced the creation of the Bounteous Connector for Magento Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager Assets. Developed by Bounteous in collaboration with Adobe, the connector provides a seamless workflow between Magento Commerce stores and Adobe Experience Manager Assets giving Magento Commerce merchants digital asset management capabilities. It accelerates the process by synchronizing product images to Experience Manager Assets and substituting image rendering used by the Commerce Cloud Integration Framework Connector so images are pulled from the Experience Manager rather than Magento for faster delivery. The integrated systems are managed by unified workflows. With the connector, commerce managers have access to Adobe Experience Manager Assets while maintaining standard Magento Commerce workflows. Implementations gain improvement in SEO and SEM by consolidating metadata imported in Experience Manager upon asset creation.

Contentstack launches new partner program

Contentstack announced the launch of the Catalysts partner program to accelerate digital experience innovation. Catalysts advance the use of a microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, headless (MACH) architecture, through collaborating with top agencies, consultants and technology companies to provide businesses cutting-edge solutions and expert insights to accelerate their transformation to delivering personalized, omnichannel digital experiences. Contentstack will provide Catalysts with an integrations framework and the ability to build new integrations to meet customer needs. Catalysts also receive the same level of service that Contentstack provides its customers. To support the Catalysts, Contentstack also launched a suite of partner enablement tools. These tools include the Catalysts Hub, a portal containing Contentstack’s “secret sauce,” including product information and direct access to the Catalysts credentialing program through a learning management system. Catalysts can enroll in Sales or Developer enablement tracks with a range of credentials and can register for and collaborate on deals.

Xelex Digital announces WebChartAi for machine learning adoption

Xelex Digital announced the release of its new audio and text annotation platform, WebChartAi, designed to accelerate the adoption of machine learning applications by simplifying the creation of training data at scale. The initial MVP (minimum viable product) release of WebChartAi focuses on manual annotation of audio and text data objects. Upcoming releases include semi-automated annotation, and image and video annotation. In addition to its use by companies for in-house projects, WebChartAi is designed for use by AI and NLP companies acting as service providers. The company is now seeking partners for the platform’s expansion beyond its current MVP form. launches virtual events collaboration service announced the launch of Otter for Events – a new collaboration service. With Otter Live Notes’ AI technology capturing event conversations and turning them into interactive, collaborative transcripts in real-time. It is targeted at any organization hosting a virtual, live, or in-person event – no matter the audience size. Otter for Events is now included as a feature for Otter for Teams customers, at no additional cost. A premium version of Otter for Events is available for much larger enterprise-level virtual or in-person events. Features include:

  • Public and private group: Organizers can create a branded one-stop-shop hub of recordings and content for their event that can be shared both during or after the event.
  • Zoom Webinars: Otter for Teams subscribers will be able to launch Otter Live Notes directly from the Zoom webinar.
  • Live transcription: Event hosts can transcribe multiple sessions at once, enabling attendees to access Otter Live Notes from all sessions.
  • Live collaboration: Attendees can view a live interactive transcript and can raise questions during an ongoing virtual event or webinar.
  • Embedded player:’s embedded player means virtual event organizers can share a live stream of a transcript as it is captured in real-time.

Agility CMS restructures pricing

Agility CMS announced it has restructured its pricing tiers to provide users with more room for growth at better price points, and that eliminates limits of users, languages, and content items. Agility CMS is now offering four packages: free package for developers, a package for small teams, premium business package and custom enterprise options, with more freedom, when it comes to users, content items, and bandwidth, for users across the board:

  • Free Package: Now includes 5 users, 10GB bandwidth, 2,500 content items, and community support.
  • Standard Package: For $47 per month, this package unlocks unlimited users and content items. Community support and 500GB of bandwidth is also included.
  • Pro Package: At $579 per month, companies on this package get direct support from the Agility CMS team, unlimited users, unlimited content items, and 1TB of bandwidth.
  • Enterprise Options: Starting at $2,500 per month, companies gain even more direct and granular support, a dedicated account manager, and control over all the needs of your digital ecosystem.

Absorb Software acquires Koantic, a cloud-based content authoring solution

Absorb Software, provider of the Absorb Learning Management System (LMS) and Absorb Infuse, announced the acquisition of Koantic, a cloud-based course authoring tool. The demand for engaging, interactive eLearning content that can be created quickly continues to grow. Unlike complicated desktop solutions or overly simplified cloud-based solutions, Koantic is a combination of a web-based interface and full-featured course authoring. Absorb plans to integrate the course builder with its LMS while continuing to offer it as stand-alone product—which will soon be renamed Absorb Create.

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