announced the launch of Otter for Events – a new collaboration service. With Otter Live Notes’ AI technology capturing event conversations and turning them into interactive, collaborative transcripts in real-time. It is targeted at any organization hosting a virtual, live, or in-person event – no matter the audience size. Otter for Events is now included as a feature for Otter for Teams customers, at no additional cost. A premium version of Otter for Events is available for much larger enterprise-level virtual or in-person events. Features include:

  • Public and private group: Organizers can create a branded one-stop-shop hub of recordings and content for their event that can be shared both during or after the event.
  • Zoom Webinars: Otter for Teams subscribers will be able to launch Otter Live Notes directly from the Zoom webinar.
  • Live transcription: Event hosts can transcribe multiple sessions at once, enabling attendees to access Otter Live Notes from all sessions.
  • Live collaboration: Attendees can view a live interactive transcript and can raise questions during an ongoing virtual event or webinar.
  • Embedded player:’s embedded player means virtual event organizers can share a live stream of a transcript as it is captured in real-time.