Contentstack announced the launch of the Catalysts partner program to accelerate digital experience innovation. Catalysts advance the use of a microservices-based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, headless (MACH) architecture, through collaborating with top agencies, consultants and technology companies to provide businesses cutting-edge solutions and expert insights to accelerate their transformation to delivering personalized, omnichannel digital experiences. Contentstack will provide Catalysts with an integrations framework and the ability to build new integrations to meet customer needs. Catalysts also receive the same level of service that Contentstack provides its customers. To support the Catalysts, Contentstack also launched a suite of partner enablement tools. These tools include the Catalysts Hub, a portal containing Contentstack’s “secret sauce,” including product information and direct access to the Catalysts credentialing program through a learning management system. Catalysts can enroll in Sales or Developer enablement tracks with a range of credentials and can register for and collaborate on deals.