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Adlib Software and LORENZ Life Sciences Sign OEM Agreement

Adlib Software and LORENZ Life Sciences announced that they have signed an OEM agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, LORENZ will license and embed Adlib’s ExpressConversion technology into future versions of LORENZ’s docuRender for MS-Word product. Adlib and LORENZ aim to eliminate submission quality concerns and automate and streamline regulatory publishing with submission-ready PDFs delivered through LORENZ’s docuBridge submission management solution. Many life sciences organizations attempt to build document conversion solutions in-house or use systems that are not suited to the rigors of the FDA eCTD (electronic Common Technical Documents) standard. Adlib and LORENZ can accommodate the large number (into the tens of thousands) and types of documents generated in today’s research environments, integrate the solution into an organization’s document workflow and provide the quality and compliance to meet any standard or regulation. http://www.lorenz.cc/, http://www.adlibsoftware.com

MadCap Software Debuts MadCap Lingo & MadCap Analyzer

MadCap Software announced MadCap Lingo, an XML-based, integrated translation memory system and authoring tool, aimed at eliminating the need for file transfers in order to complete translation. Document components, such as tables of content, topics, index keywords, concepts, glossaries, and variables all remain intact throughout the translation and localization process, so there is never a need to recreate them. MadCap Lingo also is integrated with MadCap Flare and MadCap Blaze, and it is Unicode enabled to help documentation professionals deliver a consistent user experience in print, online, and in any language. MadCap Lingo is being announced in conjunction with the new MadCap Analyzer, software that proactively recommends documentation content and design improvements. MadCap Lingo works with MadCap Flare, the company’s native-XML authoring product, and MadCap Blaze, the native-XML tool for publishing long print documents, which will be generally available in early 2008. A user creates a MadCap Lingo project to access the source content in a Flare or Blaze project via a shared file structure. Working through Lingo’s interface, the user accesses and translates the content. Because the content never actually leaves the structure of the original Flare or Blaze project, all the content and formatting is preserved in the translated version. Once a project is translated, it is opened in either Flare or Blaze, which generates the output and facilitates publishing. At the front end of the process, Flare and Blaze can import a range of document types to create the source content. Following translation, the products provide single-source delivery to multiple formats online and off, including the Internet, intranets, CDs, and print. MadCap Lingo is available and is priced at $2,199 per license, but is available at an introductory price of $899 for a limited time. MadCap Lingo also is available on a subscription basis for $649 per year. Fees for support start at $449 per year. http://www.madcapsoftware.com/

SiberSafe Hosted XML CMS Service Now Available On-Demand

SiberLogic announced SiberSafe On-Demand, a monthly subscription approach to XML content management for technical documentation teams who are looking for significant efficiency gains in producing long-lived, complex, evolving content. SiberSafe On-Demand delivers full SiberSafe functionality as an ASP service in a secure data center. Each team has full access/administrative rights to their server for system administration and configuration. SiberSafe On-Demand also includes daily content backups and SiberLogic’s technical support service. SiberSafe On-Demand “out of the box” configuration offers your choice of DTD – DITA, DocBook, or MIL-STD 2361 – with sample templates and stylesheets. Also included are SiberSafe Communicator (our XML authoring tool) and our integrated publishing tool. Alternatively, you can continue to use your own editor, such as XMetaL, Epic, or FrameMaker, or your own publishing tools. SiberSafe On-Demand costs only $799 per month for the first pair of users (one author and one reviewer) and as little as $275 per user monthly for 10+ users. There are no additional upfront costs. Anyone who signs up for SiberSafe On-Demand before the end of January 2008 will receive access for one additional author free of charge for the first year. http://www.siberlogic.com/

In.vision and Trisoft Announce Partnership to Boost Technical Publishing

In.vision Research and Trisoft have announced a partnership to integrate their products to meet the needs of content management and publishing for a variety of industries including telecom, high-tech, software, mechanical equipment and automotive. The In.vision and Trisoft partnership will use In.vision’s Xpress Author for Microsoft Word add-in to allow non-technical writers to create XML content in Word. When the non-technical writer saves the document into the Trisoft InfoShare Content Management System, technical writers will be able to incorporate the content into their documents with ease, and continue with the various review, translation, and publishing processes that InfoShare provides. http://www.tri-soft.com, http://www.invisionresearch.com

New Enterprise Search Engine Specializes In Engineering Documents

Elmo Solutions, experienced in the extraction and processing of CAD and engineering metadata, announced the official launch of Agni Enterprise Search 2008. Agni Enterprise Search is an enterprise search solution designed to meet the distinct needs of CAD, R&D, Engineering and IT managers, end-users and senior managers. Agni Enterprise Search 2008 allows CAD and non-CAD users to index and retrieve a wide range of document formats, including AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Office, eMail, Acrobat, image formats, SolidWorks, Lotus Notes, Visio, etc. Agni Enterprise Search 2008 was designed specifically to maximize document usability and reusability. Agni Enterprise Search allows not only free-form keyword-based searches, but also structured-form metadata-based searches as well. Agni Enterprise Search 2008 features include– Display of document thumbnails, Stemming, Phonic searches, and a query language. The software ships in English and French, and is available as a free, fully functional, 30-day trial license for download directly from the Elmo Website. http://www.elmosolutions.com/

Xyleme Unveils Xyleme LCMS 3.1

Xyleme Inc. announced the immediate availability of Xyleme LCMS 3.1. This is Xyleme’s newest version of its single-source solution for learning content reuse. Organizations use reusable learning objects from Xyleme LCMS to leverage training materials across any learning modality and to create a customized and contextual learning experience for each learner. Xyleme LCMS ease-of-use has been enhanced for its authoring component. A new configurable workspace provides multiple editor windows for simplified drag-and-drop and image and hotspot utilization, and new virtual document features such as find-and-replace and visual displays of version differences. A new tool allows organizations to automatically convert PowerPoint presentations into reusable XML learning objects. Text, bulleted lists, images, and tables are automatically transformed to individual assets that can be mixed, matched and reused across all blended learning solutions. Users have the ability within Xyleme LCMS to define the content assets to be included in any given output. Custom filtering also allows for the on-demand publishing of custom content that is based on user profiles, providing organizations the vital ability to provide a contextual learning experience. Xyleme has added mobile learning to supported outputs via the optimization of its search and navigation features. Reusable learning objects including text, images, audio and Flash can be pushed on-demand to mobile devices supporting these formats for real-time performance support. SCORM 2004 Release 3, is supported. http://www.xyleme.com

EMC Acquires X-Hive

EMC announced they have acquired Dutch XML content management company X-Hive. X-Hive brings XML tools to the Documentum content management division of EMC. All X-Hive employees will stay on board, and the company will immediately hire new staff. Terms were not disclosed. http://www.x-hive.com/, http://www.emc.com

Informative Graphics Updates Java-Based Product Line

Informative Graphics Corporation (IGC) announced the latest release of its Java version of the Brava! product line, Brava Enterprise 5.2J. Version 5.2J is the next step in IGC’s secure, Java-based viewing technology, bringing features like thumbnail views, term-hit highlighting, redaction, markup consolidation and the ability to output to PDF to the client/server viewer. Brava Enterprise brings unified view and annotation capabilities to a large number of users inside and outside the firewall. Brava! Enterprise integrates into existing systems, honoring user rights, leveraging metadata and managing annotations. Brava Enterprise is integrated with content management systems like EMC Documentum and Open Text Livelink ECM, Interwoven WorkSite MP and Microsoft SharePoint, and project management systems like Primavera Expedition and Meridian Project Systems, as well as many commercial collaboration web sites. http://www.bravaviewer.com, http://www.infograph.com

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