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Nuance launches patient engagement virtual assistant platform

Nuance Communications, Inc. launched an AI-powered patient engagement virtual assistant platform to transform voice and digital experiences across the patient journey. Combining healthcare expertise with intelligent engagement technology, the platform integrates and extends the capabilities of the electronic health record (EHR), customer relationship management (CRM), and Patient Access Center systems to enable healthcare provider organizations to modernize their ‘digital front door’ and improve clinical care. Leveraging the same conversational AI technology that consumer brands use to power their provider facing virtual assistant solutions, Nuance’s patient engagement platform now enables healthcare provider organizations to deliver improved patient experiences. Nuance’s new patient engagement platform provides an array of leading capabilities and business outcomes including:

  • Seamless, consistent and unified omnichannel experiences – No longer do healthcare organizations need separate siloed virtual assistant/bot systems for their voice (IVR), web, mobile/SMS and smart speaker/IoT devices.
  • Integrates and extends capabilities of core systems infrastructure – including the EHR, Patient Financial systems, CRM and patient access center (call center).
  • Provides “out-of-the-box” solutions and an advanced Do-It-Yourself (DIY) development tool.
  • Advanced and unified data analytics.
  • Runs on the Microsoft Azure HITRUST CSF-certified cloud platform.

Pega acquires for speech analytics

Pegasystems Inc. announced its acquisition of, Inc., a cloud-based real-time speech analytics solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for customer service teams. Terms of the deal are not being disclosed.’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering uses speech-to-text, natural language processing (NLP), and emotion detection capabilities to analyze the dialog within each customer service call as it happens. The software then provides agents with real-time insights and coaching so they can improve customer interactions, make better recommendations, and boost customer loyalty and sales. Pega plans to add’s capabilities to its software portfolio with an initial focus on Pega Customer Service use cases.,

Adobe completes acquisition of Workfront

Adobe announced the completion of its acquisition of Workfront, the work management platform for marketers with more than 3,000 customers and one million users. Adobe’s acquisition of Workfront will bring efficiency, collaboration and productivity gains to marketing teams currently challenged with siloed work management solutions. Both companies are established partners with strong product synergies and a growing base of over 1,000 shared customers.

Satisfying the increasing expectations of B2B and B2C customers requires large volumes of content and personalized marketing campaigns delivered at lightning speed and scale. This must be accomplished across increasingly dispersed teams, as remote work becomes prevalent in today’s environment and the future of work is redefined. Workfront has deep experience in orchestrating marketing workflows. Workfront’s platform is agile and architected for the enterprise, with extensive integration capabilities that can be easily configured to meet the varied needs of companies of all sizes. Workfront is equipped with APIs that enable a seamless connection to Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud for creative workflows and customer experience management. With the acquisition now closed, Workfront CEO Alex Shootman will continue to lead the Workfront team, reporting to Anil Chakravarthy.,

MarkLogic announces new Tableau connector

MarkLogic Corporation announced the availability of its new connector in the Tableau Extension Gallery, enabling fast and easy connections to the Tableau analytics platform. In the past few years, the explosion of data has created a disconnect between data aggregation and data consumption. Data silos have proliferated but business analysts only have access to a small subset of data in the enterprise. MarkLogic solves the problem by integrating multi-structured data from silos, curating that data, and making it fit-for-purpose for downstream consumption. Now, with just a few clicks, users can connect Tableau to MarkLogic and open up access to that curated data and get a more complete view of their business.

Microsoft announces DeBERTa surpasses human performance on SuperGLUE

Microsoft announced that DeBERTa now surpasses humans on the SuperGLUE benchmark. SuperGLUE is a challenging benchmarks for evaluating NLU models. The benchmark consists of a wide range of NLU tasks, including question answering, natural language inference, co-reference resolution, word sense disambiguation, and others. Top research teams around the world have been developing large-scale pretrained language models (PLMs) that have driven performance improvement on the SuperGLUE benchmark. Microsoft recently updated the DeBERTa model by training a larger version that consists of 48 Transformer layers with 1.5 billion parameters. The performance boost makes the single DeBERTa model surpass the human performance on SuperGLUE for the first time in terms of macro-average score (89.9 versus 89.8), and the ensemble DeBERTa model sits atop the SuperGLUE benchmark rankings, outperforming the human baseline by a decent margin (90.3 versus 89.8). The model also sits at the top of the GLUE benchmark rankings with a macro-average score of 90.8.

Microsoft will release the 1.5-billion-parameter DeBERTa model and the source code to the public. In addition, DeBERTa is being integrated into the next version of the Microsoft Turing natural language representation model (Turing NLRv4). Our Turing models converge all language innovation across Microsoft, and they are then trained at large scale to support products like Bing, Office, Dynamics, and Azure Cognitive Services.

Blue Prism accelerates intelligent automation on Microsoft Azure

Blue Prism announced a new offering of Blue Prism intelligent automation software on Microsoft’s AppSource and Azure Marketplaces. The move enhances access for both Blue Prism and Microsoft customers. Blue Prism customers already have access to a scalable, enterprise-ready platform that combines robotic automation and smart workflows with technologies like machine learning, advanced analytics, natural language processing, process mining, and cognitive capabilities, and this offering allows Blue Prism robots greater access to Microsoft Azure Apps too, with access to over 175 accelerators for Microsoft products within Blue Prism’s Digital Exchange.

The new Bring Your Own License (BYOL) offering for Azure Marketplace and AppSource is pre-loaded with select Azure Cognitive Services – including Azure Text Analytics, Azure Form Recognizer and Azure Computer Vision – all of which customers can license directly through Microsoft. This combines with Blue Prism Digital Exchange where users can access more than 175 accelerators for Microsoft products to enhance their enterprise automations. Blue Prism accelerators now exists for Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft’s Power Automate gallery, Microsoft’s Healthcare Cloud; with Form Recognizer, Text Analytics and Azure Computer Vision.

cPanel releases WP Toolkit for cPanel

cPanel, provider of web hosting automation software, announced the release of WP Toolkit for cPanel, a feature-rich application with user-friendly installation, configuration, security, and management of WordPress websites. WP Toolkit for cPanel exists as both a free version (Lite) and as a paid upgrade (Deluxe). All of the functionality one could hope for in a WordPress tool, such as staging and cloning, Smart Updates to automatic hardening which protects against security vulnerabilities, and the auto-installation of plugin and theme sets are included, saving time and simplifying the management of single or multiple WordPress installations. The free Lite version can be accessed by upgrading to a supported cPanel version (86 LTS, 90, and 92), and the full-featured Deluxe version is available through cPanel Partners and the cPanel Store. To get started, check out the full list of features and benefits here:

AI-OCR “DX Suite” to support multiple languages

AI inside Inc. announced a new service to support multiple languages on AI-OCR “DX Suite”, through the release of new AI-engine that can recognize English, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese characters. Through this AI inside will begin its global expansion starting with the Asian market. Through the provision of AI-OCR “DX Suite”, AI inside has contributed to improve the operational efficiency and productivity of companies and municipalities in Japan through the high accuracy recognition of both printed and handwritten characters. AI inside has also been developing a foreign language recognition AI-engine in order to expand the availability of “DX Suite” beyond Japan to other countries around the world. This foreign language AI-engine has now achieved commercially viable accuracy to recognize characters of English, Traditional Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese, and now announce the availability of this multilingual service on the cloud version of “DX Suite”. For current users of “DX Suite” cloud version it is possible to utilize this multilingual service without any additional registration.

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