, an AI-powered meeting assistant introduced Meeting GenAI, a set of AI tools that unlocks insights of your company’s meeting history. Otter is already integrating advanced GenAI across its platform, elevating the role of meeting minutes from passive records to dynamic repositories of collective knowledge and actionable insights. Highlights of Meeting GenAI: 

  • Otter AI Chat across all your meetings: Get answers to questions and generate content like emails and status updates using Otter AI Chat which now can access all of your meetings, not just a single meeting.
  • AI Chat in Channels: Chat with Otter AI Chat and team members using a collaborative AI Chat, making it easier to keep the team aligned and drive work forward with greater transparency and speed.
  • AI Conversation Summary View: Identify action items with assignments in real time and get a live narrative summary to ensure swift execution and accountability.

The heart of Meeting GenAI lies in the new multi-conversation capabilities for Otter AI Chat. This feature transcends AI chat focused on individual meetings by allowing users to tap into the collective wisdom gleaned from past meetings no matter which platform those discussions happened.