Box, Inc., a Content Cloud, announced the launch of the new Box app for Apple Vision Pro. Designed to take advantage of spatial computing, Box for Apple Vision Pro dramatically updates how people experience and collaborate on content in the enterprise. The uniquely immersive experiences and infinite desktop of the visionOS platform transforms how people work with content, while relying on the security and compliance of the Box Content Cloud. 

By bringing Box’s productivity and collaboration experience to visionOS, Box customers can access a rich set of collaborative and secure content features that will change how they engage with their digital content. For example:

  • Immerse yourself in rich content
  • Merge the digital and physical world
  • Get “hands-on” and interact with content in new ways
  • Create your own infinite desktop to multitask
  • Seamlessly organize and navigate your files

Box Admins will be able to enable and configure the Box experience on Apple Vision Pro, designed to keep customers in control of their data so they can determine access controls to granular features with a simple on and off toggle. The Box for Apple Vision Pro app is available for free in the App Store for visionOS for Box users.