Optimizely, a digital experience platform provider, announced a new operating system for marketing practitioners built on its digital experience platform: Optimizely One. Optimizely One is enriched through a single, unified workflow accelerated by AI, making it simpler for marketers to create, manage, deliver, and optimize content all in one place with a:

Composable and decoupled stack:

  • CMS SaaS Core: Design entire web experiences with a low/no-code interface, and benefit from automatic upgrades, SLAs, and managed services
  • Graph: Aggregate content from any source, manage it from a single hub, and deliver it to any channel, app or device
  • Visual Experience Builder: Apply pre-built templates and customer data to create and preview engaging experiences via a new editor.

Unified Workflow:

  • Experiment Collaboration: Manage every aspect of your experimentation program with a purpose-built tool
  • Omnichannel Authoring: Create content once and pull it into multiple content types and formats, to deliver to any channel

Embedded AI capabilities:

  • Opal, a new identity for AI: Engage with Optimizely’s AI to surface insights, review recommendations, create new content.
  • Partnership with Writer: Utilize business-focused language learning models (LLMs) to create enhanced AI-generated content that includes specific industry knowledge.