This week we feature articles from Dave Vellante, George Gilbert, & Bob Muglia, and Kurt Cagle.

Additional reading comes from Jessica Dai, Lily Hay Newman, and Wes Davis.

News comes from WordLift, Brightspot, Sitecore, and Contentful.

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Opinion / Analysis

Uber for everyone: Bob Muglia on how the future of data apps will evolve

This comprehensive discussion between Dave Vellante, George Gilbert, & Bob Muglia on the future of data stacks and platforms is a must read for anyone involved in data management. (36 min)

Augmenting LLMs with Knowledge Graphs and GRAGs

“I believe that the discussions about ontologies and large language models are just starting. Knowledge graphs provide a means to specify and manually manipulate local ontologies, which factor heavily in data modeling and often determine the shape of data. At the same time, no single ontology is ideal for every potential contingency. GRAGs balance the two, mixing manual and automated conceptual manipulation that strengthens both sides of the equation.”

Kurt Cagle provides a clear and accessible explanation of how this can work. (4 min)

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Content technology news

WordLift introduces Content Generation Tool

WordLift ensures LLM generated content is accurate, efficient, and scalable using graphs, ontologies, AI, and semantic web technologies.

Brightspot launches its next generation CMS solution

Brightspot CMS 4.7 integrates OpenAI, upgrades to CMS search experience, new development tools, an enhanced alert system, custom help guides.

Sitecore unveils XM Cloud Plus and Sitecore Accelerate

The cloud CMS solution brings together content management, AI-powered search, personalization, customer data management and analytics.

Contentful announces new products and capabilities

Multi-experience orchestration, Experience Builder, AI-driven advancements enable greater collaboration in the Contentful Platform and Studio.

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