Adobe announced the availability of the all-new Adobe Experience Manager Sites, Adobe’s content management system (CMS) for enterprises. The enterprise application includes new capabilities that allow businesses to test and optimize web content to drive conversions and deliver better site speeds with optimized boiler plate code, phased page rendering, persistent caching and continual real-user monitoring. Word processing tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs enable anyone to create and edit web pages. 

The Adobe Experience Manager Sites delivers:

  • Increased site performance: Experience Manager Sites comes with Adobe-developed performance tools – including optimized boilerplate code that gives developers a starting point, phased page rendering to ensure every page’s most prominent parts load first, persistence caching to avoid content loading delays, and continual real-user monitoring.
  • Web content optimization: New built-in experimentation tools help marketing teams quickly test brand experiences to better understand which content is driving engagements.
  • Simplified authoring: Content management is now faster and more accessible for all marketers through document-based authoring. The Adobe Experience Manager CMS enables any marketer to create and edit webpages with Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  • Adobe Sensei GenAI: delivers LLM-agnostic tools for brands to write and modify copy in a brand’s voice within existing workflows.