MadCap Software, Inc., a provider of multi-channel content authoring, management and publishing software, announced the newest release of its MadCap Central content management platform featuring AI Assist. 

Available today, MadCap Central with AI Assist is a content management platform to provide integrated ChatGPT functionality optimized for authors and editors of technical content, such as documentation websites, knowledge bases, online Help, policy manuals, and training. With AI Assist, authorized users can now:

  • Make requests to ChatGPT and receive responses directly in MadCap Central.
  • Train ChatGPT on their existing content to receive responses in the company’s voice.
  • Edit and format the ChatGPT responses in the AI Assist interface.
  • Click to insert the text directly into a document on MadCap Central.
  • View the difference between original content and text edited by ChatGPT.
  • Translate content directly in the Content Editor.

Designed for teams and enterprises, the cloud-based MadCap Central platform combines the content authoring capabilities also found in MadCap Flare with functionality for publishing, project management, collaboration, translation, hosting and analytics. Because MadCap Central supports single-source publishing, the same content can be repurposed to deliver modern documentation websites, print brochures, online Help, knowledge bases, support sites, training and development content, and more.