Ontotext announced that its core product, GraphDB, is now available in the AWS Marketplace. Delivered through the AWS Marketplace, enterprises can simplify, globally implement and roll out graph databases to support cloud data migration from on-premises environments to AWS and other public cloud providers and remain compliant with stringent industry and privacy regulations.

Ontotext GraphDB makes building knowledge graphs faster, which provides users with an end-to-end platform for enterprise-wide data integration and discovery. GraphDB was designed for companies with decentralized data challenges who need data-driven analytics to drive insights for mission-critical business needs. GraphDB on AWS enables their joint customers to:

  • Develop a linking engine for enterprise data management, dismantling data silos and minimizing time to insights and time to market.
  • Harmonize data sources to allow effective data sharing, collaboration, and semantic data discovery to deliver ROI on information architecture spend.
  • Enable standardized data exchange, discovery, integration, and reuse to deliver 360 views of their business.

With a simplified billing process, customers can quickly get started with GraphDB to integrate disparate and disconnected structured and unstructured data.