Bloomreach announced an integration of OpenAI with Bloomreach Content, the company’s headless content management solution (CMS). Through the Bloomreach Content marketplace, businesses can now easily install OpenAI’s ChatGPT Text Generator, a writing assistant designed to support the creation and integration of text into e-commerce web pages.

With ChatGPT, Bloomreach Content users can recognize time savings and increased efficiency in their content creation. It can generate ideas, write articles, and even proofread content, helping users feel confident that content published on the CMS is high quality and free of errors. It can also further personalization efforts, enhancing the customer experience by using data from the CMS to tailor content for individual users. In addition, utilizing ChatGPT within Bloomreach Content enables business users to more easily scale their content efforts across the site, reducing user workloads while maintaining the voice of the brand throughout content. The ChatGPT Text Generator is available for installation through the Bloomreach Content marketplace.