Adobe announced they expanded’s video collaboration platform to photos and PDF documents, broadening the cloud-based solution to new markets and a wider range of creative professionals and businesses. now fully supports PDF documents to aid teams in reviewing collateral and other project-adjacent materials. New enhancements enable customers to natively open and mark up PDF files on iPhones and iPads, while enabling all PDF and photo annotations to be seen on these devices and the web, just as with videos. now offers users a workflow from content capture to edit, review and approval through one centralized hub, leveraging new Camera to Cloud native integrations with FUJIFILM X-H2S and X-H2 cameras.

Adobe also previewed Forensic Watermark, a forensic watermarking solution, providing media and entertainment studios, global brands and large agencies with a secure collaboration platform for working with sensitive pre-release content. Forensic Watermark is designed to be easy for creators to use and difficult for leakers to circumvent. The security service embeds invisible watermarks on video assets as short as 30 seconds, using pixel-level details that are capable of surviving screen recording, file copying and external recording.

Frame[.]io is on display at 2023 NAB, April 15-19, Las Vegas.