This week we feature articles by Brian Eastwood and Amber Case.

Additional reading from Alan Morrison, Daniel Tunkelang, and Robbie Elmers.

News comes from One AI, Lexalytics, Algolia & Uniform, and Snowflake & Mobilize[.]Net.

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Opinion / Analysis

What is synthetic data — and how can it help you competitively?

You, or perhaps your boss, may be skeptical of using synthetic data — the unfortunate term does suggest sketchiness. If so, Brian Eastwood’s easy read might convince you to learn more. (7 min).

Why we need to know cybernetics

Amber Case argues that this 40s era approach to designing complex  systems is as relevant to product design as ever, or more so, given the complexity underlying not just mission-critical, but most enterprise and consumer applications. (8 min).

“There are so many complex systems in our lives that we’ve taken for granted for so long, that when we build new processes, we forget to consider how they integrate — or don’t, even to the point of grating on each other. When we forget to design and build from first principles, we risk making non-maintainable processes that can easily break.”

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Content technology news

Uniform and Algolia partner

The Uniform + Algolia integration uses Algolia search to automate the creation of digital experiences for marketing and commerce sites.

Snowflake to acquire Mobilize[.]net’s SnowConvert

The SnowConvert toolkit has long been a preferred solution for migrating customer workloads to Snowflake, reducing the need for manual coding.

Lexalytics expands NLP capabilities across foreign languages

Lexalytics expands NLP capabilities across foreign languages – The natural language processing (NLP) technology improved accuracy and expanded NLP capabilities for 11 non-English languages.

One AI Language solution for developers now in AWS Marketplace

The natural language processing (NLP) platform allows developers to analyze and process large amounts of text, audio and video data through an API.

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