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Day: January 18, 2023

One AI Language solution for developers now in AWS Marketplace

One AI, a platform that enables developers to add language AI to products and services, announced it has entered into a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The relationship allows One AI to offer its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) language AI solutions in the AWS Marketplace, which makes it easy for customers to find, test, buy and deploy software on AWS.

One AI’s advanced natural language processing (NLP) platform allows developers to analyze and process large amounts of text, audio and video data through an application programming interface (API) for a range of use cases, including analyzing and understanding email threads for customer sentiment or reactions, extracting important points in a conversation, examining and breaking down all data from call centers, and determining positive and negative feedback on various subjects from social media posts and product reviews.

Businesses and developers can create their own Language Skills or choose from a library that includes capabilities such as advanced data extraction, transcription, summarization, sentiment analysis, emotion recognition, and action item detection. The library of Language Skills allows businesses and developers to tailor the solution to their specific needs and use-cases.


Gilbane Advisor 1-18-23 — Practical decentralization, knowledge graph funding

This week we feature articles by Bojan Ciric, and Jad Esber & Scott Duke Kominers.

Additional reading from Shenyang Huang, Emanuele Rossi, Michael Galkin & Kellin Pelrine, Tanya O’Carroll & Julia Angwin, and Tony Stubblebine.

News comes from Vercel and Sitecore, Bloomreach, Solodev, and NewSpark[.]io.

You can view all previous issues on our site here.

Opinion / Analysis

Knowledge graph adoption — sales pitch for getting executive support

Bojan Ciric has some good advice on getting buy-in.

This article is my take to resolve the communication gap where the knowledge graph concept and its potential to generate business outcomes is not properly communicated to the executives who have the decision capacity to give the “go” for knowledge graph enablement. (6 min).

Progressive decentralization: a high-level framework

Decentralization may be a core requirement of web3, but its utility is not limited to web3 or crypto. Nor is decentralization the answer to every business objective. It is also not easy. Jad Esber and Scott Duke Kominers (and of course a16z Crypto) are clearly believers in decentralization, but argue for a balanced and flexible approach on how, where, and when to adopt it. Their high-level framework is useful for broad senior management planning discussions. (9 min).

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Content technology news

Bloomreach adds catalog management feature

The new feature means business users can view, debug, and test new API call types against all of their product catalogs in one place.

Vercel and Sitecore partner

Vercel’s platform for front-end developers and Sitecore’s content management and other products, will help clients build composable digital experiences.

Solodev launches serverless CMS

The Serverless CMS provides composable services for traditional and headless websites and apps, including Jamstack frameworks like React.

NewSpark[.]io updates digital asset management platform

The Media Manager uses NewSpark’s AI tagging tool uses computer vision to analyze and automatically tag assets with relevant keywords and phrases.

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