Solodev announced the launch of Solodev Serverless CMS: a cloud-native enterprise content management system that runs serverless on AWS. Solodev Serverless CMS is fully deployed on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and is capable of running high-availability workloads.

Solodev Serverless CMS delivers a composable set of cloud-based services to support traditional and headless websites and apps, including Jamstack frameworks like React. Solodev Serverless CMS utilizes container technologies, including Docker, Kubernetes, AWS Fargate, all instantly deployed on the AWS infrastructure. Solodev Serverless CMS also delivers cloud-first features such as dynamic modules, a drag-and-drop page builder, furl management, and advanced form capabilities, including security and fraud prevention. Solodev Serverless CMS users will also have access to the Solodev Marketplace, featuring hundreds of third-party platforms like Salesforce and cloud services from AWS.

Solodev Serverless includes everything from Git to container orchestration with AWS Fargate, cloud-based IAM with AWS Cognito, database services like AWS DynamoDB, monitoring via Amazon CloudWatch, and more. Powered by Solodev Serverless, Solodev Serverless CMS is now available and can be procured on-demand through the AWS Marketplace, via public sector schedule contracts, and soon through the Solodev Marketplace.