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This week we feature articles from Nitish Pahwa & Emma Wallenbrock, and Fred Wilson.

Additional reading: Edin Kapić, Mike Wheatley, and Webb Wright

News: Ontotext, Algolia, Optimizely, and Brave.

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Opinion / Analysis

Could the Internet Archive go out like Napster?

You may recall the lawsuit for “willful mass copyright infringement” filed against the Internet Archive for its National Emergency Library by a number of major publishers in early 2020 (Hachette v. Internet Archive). This was/is a case where it is difficult to find a true villain. A number of authors, who had the most to lose have dropped support for the suit, which is still active. Nitish Pahwa & Emma Wallenbrock provide a useful update, with enough background for anyone who needs it. Their title is to grab your attention, but they acknowledge such a fear may be overblown. (9 min).


The Merge

The, apparently imminent, Ethereum merge that is. To the extent we cover crypto our focus is on the potential of blockchains for platform and enterprise applications rather than fintech or fads. The Ethereum merge is important for crypto in general. AVC’s Fred Wilson has a short explanation of why the merge is so important. As a VC whose family and company “have large holdings in ETH and other crypto assets”, he is both knowledgeable and an interested party. (In terms of disclosure, I have a truly minuscule amount of ETH.) (< 3 min).


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More Reading

Content technology news

Ontotext announces Metadata Studio

To help enterprises orchestrate content tagging and evaluate text analysis services to get the best results and maintain metadata quality.

Algolia acquires Search.io

Algolia will combine its keyword search and Search.io’s Neuralsearch into a single API-First Search and Discovery platform.

Brave integration deepens support for Unstoppable Domains

Creators can build decentralized content with a domain that they fully own and control, hosted on the InterPlanetary File System (IFPS).

Optimizely experimentation platform on Google Cloud Marketplace

Optimizely’s experimentation solutions ease creation of personalized, meaningful engagements through data to improve customer experience (CX).

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