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Day: June 22, 2022

Gilbane Advisor 6-22-22 — Relational KGs, performance reasoning

This week we feature articles from Victor Morgante, and Stephen Marche.

Additional reading comes from Kathrin Blagec, Adriano Barbosa-Silva, Simon Ott & Matthias Samwald, Ethan Batraski, and Fabio Chiusano.

News comes from Adobe, Canto, Umbraco, and Snowflake.

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Opinion / Analysis

What is a relational knowledge graph?

We recently pointed to a high-level description of relational knowledge graphs based on a presentation by Bob Muglia. Victor Morgante, a practitioner and business analyst, provides broader context and a more detailed explanation, including an illustration of “an actual schema variously morphing between a classical relational view (Entity Relationship Diagram) and a graph view (Property Graph Schema)”. (7 min).

Machine sentience is overrated

LaMDA is no more conscious than a pocket calculator. …the fantasy of machine sentience has once again been allowed to dominate the artificial-intelligence conversation when much stranger and richer, and more potentially dangerous and beautiful, developments are under way.

Stephen Marche after speaking with engineers working on Google’s latest and far more powerful language model, PaLM. PaLM, can “perform reasoning” to answer a math problem only with “chain-of-thought prompting”, but the engineers don’t know how or why. (6 min).

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Content technology news

Adobe announces new Adobe Analytics services

Adobe Analytics delivering a single workspace for brands to unify data and insights across all media types including streaming.

Canto unveils Media Delivery Cloud

Enables customers to directly connect images from their Canto library to their website, e-commerce platform and other content distribution platforms.

Snowflake launches Unistore

New workload expands capabilities and delivers a modern approach to manage transactional and analytical data together in a single platform.

Umbraco teams with Microsoft

Umbraco Teams with Microsoft to Extend Composable DXP-based Content Management Systems Through Azure Marketplace.

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Sinequa adds neural search to Search Cloud

Enterprise search provider Sinequa announced the addition of advanced neural search capabilities to its Search Cloud Platform, for better relevance and accuracy to enterprises. As an optional capability of Sinequa’s Search Cloud platform, Neural Search uses four deep learning language models. These models are pre-trained and ready to use in combination with Sinequa’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) and semantic search.

Sinequa optimized the models and collaborated with the Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA AI/ML teams to deliver a high performance, cost-efficient infrastructure to support intensive Neural Search workloads without a huge carbon footprint. Neural Search is optimized for Microsoft Azure and the latest NVIDIA A10 or A100 Tensor Core GPUs to efficiently process large amounts of unstructured data as well as user queries.

Sinequa’s Neural Search improves relevance and is often able to directly answer natural language questions. It does this with deep neural nets that go beyond word-based search to better leverage meaning and context. Sinequa’s Search Cloud platform combines neural search with its extensive NLP and statistical search. This unified approach provides more accurate and comprehensive search results across a broader range of content and use cases.

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