Adobe announced new services in Adobe Analytics, delivering a single workspace for brands to unify data and insights across all media types. Adobe also introduced a new service to transition data from other analytics products while preserving historical compliance with regulations such as Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Streaming media: Adobe is introducing new capabilities for brands to understand how streaming fits into the overall customer journey. Through Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), teams can tie digital media consumption to engagement on other channels like social media, websites and offline channels.

Seamlessly bring data together: With the bulk data insertion API now available, teams can move or activate any volume of historical data into Adobe Analytics. It covers any online or offline channel, allowing brands to transition data sources from point-of-sale devices, CRM systems and mobile applications.

Intelligent data mapping: Adobe Analytics is providing flexibility for brands to bypass the data migration preparation work while avoiding data destruction. As data comes through, Adobe Analytics preserves the underlying structure, and also suggests new ways to measure the customer journey. Brands can also retroactively apply dimensions to historical data, such as new attribution models.