This week we feature articles from Anil Dash and Jordan Volz.

Additional reading comes from Jason Cohen, Cassie Kozyrkov, and Terry Crowley.

News comes from Expert .ai, Searchable .ai, Microsoft, and Hyland.

Opinion / Analysis

A web renaissance

I am as hopeful as Anil Dash about the possibility of something like a web renaissance and don’t disagree with what he says in his post (5 min). I built my own web site and have managed it since the nineties, and the ability to control my own content and presence was absolutely worth the effort. But I have seen countless businesses and individuals struggle with their own efforts, and remain cautious about the rate of adoption. Creating and maintaining a web presence today is already dramatically easier, and new tools will continue to make it less of a burden for developers and non-developers alike. But it needs to be simple enough to share space with your day job.

Who’s who in the modern data stack ecosystem

We’ve covered the “modern data stack”a few times in the last year but Jordan Volz has a new “Spring 2022 Edition of the Modern Data Stack Ecosystem” (20 min) that is worth a read.

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Content technology news

Microsoft announces updates to Microsoft 365

To improve accessibility, support flexible workstyles, streamline tasks, and more ways to make your voice heard, and hybrid work easier. updates AI-based natural language processing platform

Designed for natural language AI, the platform combines machine learning and rule-based symbolic comprehension with an authoring environment. announces Constellation

Their unified data platform that brings together all the data and information that knowledge workers need, in one place.

Hyland expands infrastructure to deploy OnBase and Brainware customers on AWS

New deployments for OnBase and Brainware cloud customers and cloud migration environments in North America on the appropriate AWS Region.

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