This week we feature articles from Ivo Velitchkov and John Ball.

Additional reading is from Cassie Kozyrkov, Chris Kernaghan, Enrique Dans, and dbt.

News comes from Sitecore, Google Cloud, Airbyte, and CYTRIO.

Opinion / Analysis

Linked Data uptake

Linked Data … was meant to be the second big information revolution after the world wide web. It was supposed to complement the web of documents with the web of data so that humans and machines can use the Internet as if it is a single database while enjoying the benefits of decentralisation… Yet, Linked Enterprise Data, just like Linked Open Data, is still marginal. Why is that so? And what can be done about it?

Good questions, and Ivo Velitchkov is well-placed to provide some answers. (9 min.)

Brains are Not prediction machines

If you read Dan McCreary’s article we recently featured that was inspired by Jeff Hawkins’ A Thousand Brains, you’ll want to read this piece from John Ball (27 min.). Hawkins and Ball are not using ‘prediction’ in the same way — a good question for the next quiz! I just finished Hawkins’ book and recommend it. It’s written for a general audience.

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Content technology news

Sitecore updates product suite with technology from recent acquisitions

The new capabilities in their Digital Experience Platform (DXP) come from the acquisitions of Boxever, Four51, Moosend, and Reflektion.

Google announces BigLake, to unify data lakes and data warehouses across clouds

With BigLake teams can analyze data without worrying about the underlying storage format or system and without duplicating or moving data.

Airbyte Cloud now available in U.S.

The open-source data integration platform is a cloud service for data movement and unifying data integration pipelines.

CYTRIO adds GDPR support to data privacy rights management solution

To help companies more easily and cost-effectively comply with GDPR as well as CCPA, CPRA, VCDPA, CPA, and other data privacy regulations.

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