This week we feature articles from Jason Cohen and Rachel Dulberg.

Additional reading is from John Glaser & Elizabeth Gardner, Christine Moorman, Mike Melanson, and Thomas Claburn.

News comes from Progress, Liferay, Semantic Web Co & Wand, and Stepes.

Opinion / Analysis

The Elephant in the room: The myth of exponential hypergrowth

Fast-growing startups are frequently described as “exponential,” especially when the product is “viral.” Turns out, this is incorrect, even for Facebook and Slack. If you have an incorrect model, you don’t understand growth, which means you can’t control it, nor predict it. Here is a different model to understand how companies actually grow.

This is a must-read from Jason Cohen — not just for investors and startups, but business, marketing, and product managers. Well written with lots of great supporting charts. h/t: @dharmesh

The Privacy Program Playbook Part I — How to design a winning privacy roadmap

Operationalising privacy is hard. Here’s how to design, plan and implement a successful privacy program (with your sanity intact).

Rachel Dulberg to the rescue…

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Content technology news

Progress updates multi-channel digital experience platform

Progress Sitefinity DX adds a layer of composability to help organizations develop and deploy multichannel digital experiences with .NET 6.

Liferay announces cloud-based DXP-as-a-Service offering

It includes content management, account management, analytics, commerce, personalization, low code capabilities, delivered on an as-a-service.

Semantic Web Company and WAND Inc. announce partnership

Combo of WAND Taxonomies & Semantic Web’s A.I. search algorithms, knowledge graphs, and taxonomy management system increases algorithm accuracy.

Stepes launches continuous terminology management solution

Enterprises can develop product glossaries and manage multilingual terminology for improved linguistic quality and consistency continuously.

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