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Whoa, is there a lot discussion around “Web 3.0”, “Web3”, whatever. It’s all fun, interesting, and necessary, but a little early for convincing predictions. There is no official definition of either term just as there was no official definition or product plan for Web 2.0. As then, there are a lot of ideas, aspirations, and new technologies being developed and in use — and even more questions. There is plenty to read and lots to recommend. Below are two you should include in your reading list.

Why it’s too early to get excited about Web3

Tim O’Reilly, who started a conference that popularized “Web 2.0” in 2004, provides broader, historical, and current context, as well as an even-handed look at the roles of decentralization and crypto. He makes a compelling case for his title.

Web3 is self-certifying

There’s been a lot of discussion lately about what Web3 is and isn’t. Here’s my definition: Web3 is user-generated authority, enabled by self-certifying web protocols. These are a superset of technologies that include blockchains, but are not limited to them. Is this what other people think “Web3” is? Maybe not, but hear me out.

Jay Graber has a must read take. Note Graber is leading Twitter’s Bluesky project.

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Content technology news

Optimizely launches integrated B2B Commerce & Content Cloud solution

The integration uses the B2B Commerce Cloud as a headless commerce API to make B2B data and capabilities available within the Content Cloud.

iTranslate launches API integration at Snap’s Lens Fest

The Remote Service Module of Lens Studio allows users to obtain data from iTranslate’s translation API and use them in their Lenses.

Syncro Soft announces Oxygen Feedback version 2.0 for cloud and enterprise editions

Introduces the organization concept in Oxygen Feedback workflow, increased data security, streamlined workflows, and customization.

Limelight releases GraphQL caching and serverless hosting for headless websites

Layer0 addresses caching GraphQL APIs at the network edge, and supports hosting the GraphQL server in a serverless environment.

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