Limelight Networks, Inc., a provider of content delivery services and AppOps at the edge, announced general availability of GraphQL functionality for its Layer0 by Limelight web application CDN. GraphQL is an important enabler of microservices-based websites, allowing web builders to make their API layer faster and easier to manage. Layer0 addresses the challenge of caching GraphQL APIs at the network edge, and supports hosting the GraphQL server in a serverless environment.

The GraphQL query language improves on traditional REST APIs and reduces the over-fetching of data, which can improve performance. It also enables teams to iterate their APIs faster without incurring versioning headaches by defining a flexible but strongly typed API between client and server. This has made GraphQL popular with developers, especially enterprise organizations using headless or API-first web architectures.

Layer0 includes everything development and DevOps teams need to implement a headless or Jamstack architecture including hosting, serverless, observability, RUM and CI/CD integration. Teams can be flexible in how they leverage Layer0. They can use it to cache their GraphQL APIs, run their GraphQL server in a serverless environment, or host their entire headless application. Layer0 also has routing options that enable teams to gradually migrate legacy applications to headless or API-first architectures.