Cloudinary, a media experience platform, announced its acquisition of Indivio, a video software company that helps modern marketing teams create and deliver high-performing, data-driven video campaigns faster. The entire Indivio team has joined Cloudinary, with CEO and co-founder Josh Dorward becoming Managing Director of the company’s newly formed Video Creative Automation business line.

Cloudinary’s automated, AI-based approach to media management and experience allows brands to create and deliver digital experiences without the challenges that come from trying to manage all that’s needed to do so at scale. With Indivio’s offering marketing teams can:

  • Scale the volume and frequency of on-brand creative content without overburdening creative teams. Brands can use dynamic templates and content from a variety of sources, including live product detail pages, to automatically create highly relevant and personalized videos.
  • Streamline creative onboarding with support for tools like Adobe After Effects.
  • Accelerate the QA of dynamic video creative.

Cloudinary will continue to fully support the Indivio product line. It also plans to leverage Indivio’s technology to develop a fully integrated video creative automation experience within the Cloudinary media experience platform.