Cambridge Semantics announced a release of their knowledge graph platform, Anzo 5.3 to make it faster to create knowledge graphs with new codeless capabilities centered around discovering, analyzing, and connecting your enterprise data. In addition, the 5.3 release gives users an array of capabilities centered around increasing the speed and ease of data onboarding, as well as enhancements for workflow management and migration.

Direct Data Loading (DDL) enables users to create knowledge graphs directly from relational and semi-structured data sources. Customers can build knowledge graphs directly from data sources like HTTP API, RDBMS, Parquet files, and JSON files, and was designed to be flexible with use cases via no-code, low-code, and developer interfaces. Direct Data Loading is currently in Preview mode.

The new Migration Packages automate migration via a command-line interface. Packages are organized by artifact types (ontologies, datasets, graphmart, etc.) to make it easy to manage with Git. File source incremental ingestion is a no-code capability that enables loading only new files that were created/modified since the last ingestion. The Data Profiling capability enables users to perform no-code data quality control and data discover.