Arc XP announced the launch of its eCommerce platform, Arc Commerce, which equips brand marketers with the tools and capabilities to build deeper relationships with consumers through brand storytelling and drive omnichannel revenue goals. Arc XP cloud-native digital experience platform brings together headless CMS, headless commerce, and a front-end storefront experience. Arc Commerce builds on Arc’s subscriptions platform and features:

  • Marketer-first design which emphasizes ease-of-use and control so marketers can build and execute on their commerce strategy without having to rely on development and design teams.
  • Seamless integration that draws on the benefits of a SaaS environment, allowing large or scaling businesses to launch new commerce experiences quickly and with minimal interruption for the business.
  • Merchandising capabilities like real-time inventory management, auction and bidding capabilities, sophisticated product information management (PIM) as well as a headless API that allows brands to create omnichannel B2C experiences.
  • Enhanced testing and targeting for campaigns and offers, advanced audience segmentation and targeting capabilities, identity management, customer service, and a payment infrastructure that supports many different gateways for global sales.