Cloudinary announced its partnership with headless content management systems (CMS) provider Contentful. The new partnership offers Contentful users access to Cloudinary’s media experience solutions, including its headless digital asset management (DAM) within Contentful’s CMS, allowing Contentful users to more easily upload, optimize and deliver engaging visual-first experiences at scale. With Cloudinary’s AI-based media experience solutions, Contentful customers automatically benefit from media performance. By leveraging APIs for media management tasks, marketers and developers benefit from an integrated headless tech stack for optimization and automation. Rich media stakeholders can:

  • Benefit from bi-directional access to media assets in Contentful via Cloudinary’s media library, offering the ability to more easily browse, manage, and optimize assets including images, videos, 3D objects and GIFs
  • Automatically optimize assets according to the end-user device for optimal display and ensure every image and video is automatically adjusted for best format and quality
  • Utilize Cloudinary’s innovative AI capabilities for auto-tagging images and videos, all within the media workflow to ensure image and video assets are identified, managed and optimized, all within Contentful.

Contentful users can take advantage of Cloudinary’s media experience capabilities today.,