Acquia announced major updates to the Acquia Open Digital Experience Platform (DXP) at Acquia Engage. The Acquia Open DXP includes Acquia Marketing Cloud and Acquia Drupal Cloud, a unified solution for multi-experience customer journeys. New enhancements allow developers to create digital experiences faster and help marketers make smarter, data-driven decisions across campaigns.

For developers, the latest enhancements to Drupal Cloud focus on decreasing the time to build, design, and run sites and applications. The new Acquia Migrate Accelerate tool reduces the effort tied to a transition from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. Currently in beta, the tool reduces time to value for Drupal 9 by providing a user-friendly interface to streamline analysis and planning, DevOps, data imports, and content auditing for migrations. Once organizations are migrated, the new Acquia Cloud IDE makes it faster to build Drupal sites and applications, with one-click access to a cloud-hosted development and testing environment. Acquia Cloud IDE integrates with existing Acquia command-line and automated build tools for Drupal.

Acquia CMS, currently in beta, provides a trusted, secure and turnkey distribution of Drupal 9, reduces time from months to days for implementations, and eliminates up to 80% of setup and update costs. Also in the Drupal Cloud family, Site Studio helps marketers reduce their time-to-publish with drag-and-drop experience creation and visual assembly of content, layout, and designs.

Major updates to Acquia Marketing Cloud give marketers the data and analytics they need to drive smarter decisions. New, real-time 360-degree profiles, identity resolution, and unified segment capabilities within the Acquia Customer Data Platform (CDP) help marketers gain holistic insights into their customers.

Finally, new predictive delivery and custom likelihood models for Acquia CDP help marketers with machine learning capabilities with no need for specialized training or expertise, and enable them to fine-tune and customize predictive models to identify the next-best actions and experiences. Acquia’s machine learning models help identify optimal times for campaigns, best channels for delivery, and more.