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Day: October 12, 2020

Twilio to acquire Segment

Twilio announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire CDP platform vendor Segment for approximately $3.2 billion in Twilio Class A common stock, on a fully diluted and cash free, debt free basis. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of 2020. The businesses that deliver the best customer experiences are the ones that know their customers well and use customer data to provide more relevant interactions. However, wrangling these customer insights is extremely difficult as the information is typically spread across disparate systems and functions throughout an organization. By combining the companies experience in the cloud communication and customer data platform (CDP) spaces, Twilio can now help alleviate this pain for businesses by delivering a single, unified view that helps companies better understand their customers in order to engage more effectively.

Adobe announces AI customer experience capabilities

Adobe announced new capabilities to their Intelligent Services with AI throughout organizations to improve customer experience, giving brands access to smarter workflows and real-time scalability.

Content and Commerce AI
Now in beta, Content and Commerce AI helps brands understand context around how the content is performing in market, by delivering insights and guidance on content features such as colors, or subjects. Brands can combine the power of Adobe Experience Manager with Content and Commerce AI to automatically extract keywords and tags from documents and content fragments, as well as label documents and images with custom AI models, a process that previously could take a long time and manual effort. For example, a retailer can automatically label and quantify the color composition of an image, and deliver visually similar product recommendations to customers based on intuitive product features such as shape, design and color, based on customer actions. The use of content intelligence can also be important for B2B businesses. Search based on color metadata or visual similarity can be used by franchisees to optimize their product selections from catalogs.

Customer AI in Real-Time CDP
Adobe’s Real-time CDP bridges marketing and IT, helping brands find meaning in different data sets, from CRM to online analytics to offline point of sale (POS). Available today, brands can leverage Customer AI within Adobe’s Real-time CDP to analyze historical and real-time data to dig deeper and understand the underlying reasons behind customer actions. Customer AI in Real-time CDP will help brands understand and predict customer propensity such as the likelihood to convert or churn along with the reasons behind their actions.

TransPerfect launches StudioNEXT 2.0

TransPerfect announced the release of version 2.0 of its StudioNEXT cloud-streaming dubbing and voiceover platform as the company continues to launch products for the audio recording industry. StudioNEXT is part of the company’s MediaNEXT suite of AI-powered tools that automate and simplify workflows for creating and adapting media for audiences in any language using both virtual recording and traditional studio setups. With StudioNEXT 2.0, organizations can:

  • Enable voice actors and directors to benefit from cloud-streaming technology to facilitate professional-quality dubbing and voiceover from distributed locations.
  • Increase productivity with a redesigned user interface that improves the navigation experience for actors and directors.
  • Improve quality with a newly designed rythmo band that gives talent better readability and accessibility by providing customization of viewing preferences for each user.
  • Interactively record in a remote environment as voice actors can now review recordings and listen to other character recordings.
  • Collaborate from anywhere with integrated video talkback features that give actors, directors, and clients the ability to communicate and offer feedback in real time. Authorized users can securely enter and exit recording sessions from anywhere in the world.
  • Utilize multitrack recording with dedicated tracks per character that are now available through the recording session life cycle.
  • Synchronize easily with editing and mixing platforms with Advanced Authoring Format (AAF) export to digital audio workstations, including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and REAPER, while keeping the metadata and supporting time-code information.
  • Edit more efficiently with an expanded post-recording suite that now allows trimming, moving, splitting, and snapping audio chunks with minimal clicks.

All upgrades to StudioNEXT are part of TransPerfect’s strategy to promote hybrid models for recording that combine cloud recording from home studios with the company’s global network of owned-and-operated studios for recording, editing, and mixing. The combination of these services gives clients the options and flexibility to meet timing and budgetary requirements.

Cloudflare announces Cloudflare One

Cloudflare, Inc. released Cloudflare One, a comprehensive, cloud-based network-as-a-service solution for your workforce. Now businesses can protect their workforce in a flexible and scalable way, without compromising security as distributed teams work from multiple devices and personal networks.

Companies have traditionally used a castle-and-moat approach to security, creating a barrier between the enterprise network and external threats. Now that applications have moved to the cloud, and more employees have moved outside of the office, that model is broken. Today’s new landscape calls for a Zero Trust approach, where organizations do not automatically trust any requests to corporate data or resources, and instead, verify every attempt to connect to corporate systems before allowing them access.

Cloudflare One gives businesses multiple on-ramps to the public Internet from offices, to data centers, to employees in-the-field, and connects traffic to Cloudflare’s comprehensive Zero Trust solution. This unified solution enables fast and safe connections to workplace applications, allows teams to use an app without exposing it to the public Internet, makes personal devices safe for business use, and works in any environment with any cloud provider.

Cloudflare One provides a unified set of tools for a Zero Trust solution, giving organizations a one-stop-shop to do things like:

  • Secure every connection: Remote employees can get the same protection they’d expect from a corporate firewall no matter where they are working from.
  • Protect against Zero-Day attacks: Cloudflare’s remote browser isolation technology creates a gap between a user’s browser and endpoint, protecting devices and networks from exploits and attacks.
  • Integrate with the security solutions you’re using: Cloudflare connects with identity platforms like Okta, Onelogin, and Ping Identity, and endpoint protection platforms like CrowdStrike, VMware Carbon Black, Tanium, and SentinelOne to verify identity and assess device health before granting access to applications.
  • Monitor and manage your network with a single pane of glass: With Cloudflare’s firewall features, businesses get a comprehensive view of all data flows globally, across data centers, branch offices, clouds, and endpoints and can mitigate intrusions and threats across the entire network.

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