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Jeff Huang, in his Manifesto for Preserving Content on the Web, asks “How do we make web content that can last and be maintained for at least 10 years?”. It doesn’t sound like much of a challenge, but as someone with a 20+ year old website he didn’t need to convince me. Keeping up with varying life-cycles of web development tools, design trends, and links to sites no longer functioning, is not for everyone. And depending on platforms designed for non-developers is too risky for 10+ years. There is no simple solution but Professor Huang’s article has some suggestions for both tool developers and site managers. Read More

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Lessons from the failed chatbot revolution ● 83% of marketers rip-and-replace a martech app each year ● Open federal grant data is the default in the U.S. ● Excellent resource… The AI Index 2019 Annual Report ● India’s going big with data privacy…

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